The variety of foods available today is tempting and many think they need to eat on a constant cycle of self-indulgence. We just finish a meal and it is coffee time. Or we go shopping and pass the donuts shop or the little café with all its tempting ‘fillers’. Watching television is like a constant feast of great foods and drinks that make us want them even when we are sated by our meals.

Then there are the take-away restaurants and junk food suppliers that are obviously responsible for the overweight condition of many. The consequences can be deadly. Not only is death inducing problems such as heart attacks, strokes and such in all societies but diabetes is in plague proportions worldwide.

The way back from this is too hard a road for many to take. Dieting does not seem to work and in today’s marketing tactics the chances of finding out what many foods contain is almost impossible. The suppliers and manufacturers are cutting corners in all areas to produce maximum profits and this often means loading meat products with fat or even water to add to the weight.

Tuna is supposed to be good for one as it naturally contains Omega 3 and other things to lower blood pressure and help with things like arthritis. The factories supplying this product, however, actually extract these substances from the fish before canning. They are then packaged and sold separately in health food shops and elsewhere where they are promoted as essential for good health.

The consumer is at the mercy of the commercial interests who overlook what people should be getting while supplying them the least amount of good food they can get away with. Obesity is everywhere and even those who carefully watch their diets are finding it tough to avoid the conspiracy that has good food subdivided into many separate components for more wealth generating possibilities.