Each year, awards are presented for the best anti-aging skin care product. However, these award ceremonies have a darker side.

This is the one that skin care companies want you to keep secret because it would cause a major disruption in the industry.

One of the biggest lies that consumers hear today is about the effectiveness of collagen in reducing wrinkles or eliminating them.

The truth is that collagen injections can produce results. On the flip side, this process can be expensive and painful but only temporary.

You are simply wasting your money if you buy any anti-aging skin care products that have collagen or elastin as ingredients.

As children and babies, our bodies produce two vital proteins called collagen (or elastin).

The skin’s natural collagen and elastin production gave it the vitality to create a silky smooth, creamy complexion. Not to mention the elastic properties that snap our skin back into shape if we pinch the skin.

Unfortunately, our bodies lose collagen and elastin as we age.

This creates a ripple effect, which causes our skin to age in the form fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

These skin care companies believe, and with good reason, that if only they added the collagen and the elastin that their bodies have stopped producing, they would have a gold mine.

This is the great lie. The logic is clear, but the delivery is flawed.

The molecular level of collagen is too large to penetrate skin. This applies regardless of how many anti-aging skin Anti aging skin care products creams you use or how hard you massage it. The collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin, making the results useless and a waste of money.

What can you do if these collagen or elastin skin products don’t work?

Instead of looking for anti-aging skin care products that don’t contain collagen or elastin look for one that stimulates the body to produce those proteins.

Cynergy TK, a New Zealand company that harnesses the wool of sheep has found a way.

Clinical testing of Cynergy TK on human volunteers has shown that it can increase the body’s ability to make collagen and elastin.

These volunteers actually showed an 18-day increase in moisture retention! They actually generated new skin cells!

To find the best anti-aging skin care products, ensure that it stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen.

I’ve compiled a list of skin care products that I use every day and highly recommend for their amazing wrinkle-reducing properties.

These products are now easily available online in Canada and the United States. It is now possible to reverse the effects of aging skin.