If your private home has prefinished “Plantation” design shutter blinds which are weathering and want refinishing there are a few things to take into consideration. Quite a few of such blinds occur prefinished using a lacquer primarily based paint complete with the manufacturing unit. Due to ample sunlight and dampness (lacquer centered paints worst enemy) that these blinds really need to endure, finally they’ll begin to flake and peel and want refinished. My suggestions becoming a paint contractor is to rent knowledgeable to tackle this process.
 You mainly have two selections. One is to get rid of them within the windows and doors and locate a location to spray them (my advisable alternative), two would be to paint them in position by hand using a brush (not recommened ). In any event they are going to want effectively geared up right before painting. When you’ve got a garage or unfinshed spot in your home that can be used for establishing a spray booth, or for those who hire a contractor that has a shop for that could be utilized, possibility 1 will deliver the best outcomes. Using a sprayed on finish they will retain the factory complete visual appeal motorized blinds
 In case you made a decision to go While using the spray process you can to start with ought to sand any flaking spots that has a medium grit sanding sponge or a hundred and fifty grit sandpaper. I also recommend dusting and wiping them down having a tack fabric just after this. Next it’s best to key them by having an oil foundation primer like Zinsser Address Stain or equal to make sure proper adhesion. Just after making it possible for to dry I recommend sanding all over again with a fine grit sanding sponge or 220 grit sandpaper. For a complete coat you will need a high quality paint that doesn’t adhere when touching A different area which includes the finish coat on In addition, it ( like where the shutter closes into the body ).
 I like to recommend Valspar Signature collection paint which you should purchase at Lowe’s and is also priced reasonibly. Immediately after making use of the end coat you will need to wait around at the very least 24 hours right before dealing with and reinstalling the shutter blinds. If you decide to paint them in position ( which I have performed by request but Never propose ) you will have to Keep to the same planning Guidelines as previously mentioned.
 You might elect to skip the priming with the oil for The explanation with the odor on the fumes with the oil foundation solution experiencing the house. If so you will to wipe down the shutters with a bonding agent for instance Wil-Bond to help you adhesion. This may even now have a powerful odor but won’t linger as prolonged or be as robust as being the primer method. You will then ought to brush the complete on with a small angle brush for instance a 2-1/two inch Purdy or similar. Depending on your brushing skills and coloration in the paint this will get two coats of end or maybe more.