Reading bedtime stories to children is a great way to relax in the evening and get kids ready to head to bed. Most kids would be satisfied to read the same book over and over again. Many parents enjoy bringing some variety into the mix as a bedtime routine. Whether it is reading a famous fairy tale or enjoying a silly collection of poems, bedtime stories increase kids imagination and give them something to dream about as they fall off to sleep. It does not matter who does the reading as long as kids take a break to relax and enjoy the time and enjoyment that comes from reading a nice bedtime story with their parent

Bedtime Story Collections

Just one story is usually not enough to make a child happy at bedtime. While you do not want to spend the whole evening reading to your child, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a series of stories at bedtime. A story collection will give you with tons of stories to help fill the request of “one more story please” several nights in a row.

Classic Fairy Tales

Classic fairy tales and stories have been entertaining children for years. These stories feature timeless events and teach children great lessons. Most of the time, you can find more than one version of a classic fairy tale as they have been updated over time to appeal to different cultures and people at different stages of their life

Kid’s Favorite Characters

Reading a classic book about a kid’s favorite character is a good way to get your child interested in reading. Whether enjoying a story about a popular character or a classic story featuring a favorite character from a movie or TV show at bedtime. Children will get great joy listening to the latest adventures involving their favorite characters.

Audio Books

Parents and kids can take a break from reading books at bedtime. Instead of reading an original picture book or novel, cuddle up and listen to an audio book. For children who have difficulty sleeping, audio books can be the perfect choice to distract them and relax them as they slowly nod off to sleep.

In conclusion, there are many options you have as a parent for your bedtime reading activities with your child. Try all of these and see which ones work best for you and your child. Once you find something that relaxes your child and helps them nod off to sleep, stick with it

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