Daily Lives Depend Upon Fifth House of the Vedic Astrology

Fifth House

Rajanka (sovereign’s mark); kara (tax or toll); Buddhi (intellect); Tanaya(children); Putra (son); jartara(belly); Smriti (traditional law) poorvapunya (virtuous act preciously sone).

The fifth house of Vedic astrology is the house of progeny. It denotes whether one will have children or not. Benefic or the moon in the fifth house increases the strength and number of the progeny. Fruitful signs (cancer-Kataka, Scorpio- vrischika and pisces- Meena) on the cusp of the 5th or the 11th promise children, if the other testimonies also lend support. Barren signs (Aries- Mesha, Leo-simha and Virgo-Kanya) on the cusps of the 5or 11th houses (11th house being 5th to the 7th, representing the wife) and the lords of 5 or 11 not in fruitful signs, Moon not in a fruitful signs, the lord of the lagna not occupying a fruitful sign and no fruitful planet in the 5th or the 11th house, are indications of no children, The fifth house signifies the first conception or pregnancy; the seventh shows the second; the ninth the third and so on.The fifth house presides over pleasure, pleasure, society and social inclinations. It deals with tastes and fancies artistic talents and property derived through wife or business partner’s luck. The type of recreation, entertainment, amusements, sports, luck, the type of recreation, entertainment, amusements, sports, romance and similar interest that appeal to a person is denoted by this house. It is connected with all material and physical pleasures, merriment and amusements of all sorts. . It indicates places of entertainment. matka

The fifth house of Vedic astrology being a trine house, indicating ‘poorva punya sthana’ shows what meritorious deeds one could have done in the previous birth. It is also concerned with speculative affairs and all matters of enterprise prompted by the desire nature. All games of chance like cards, crossword puzzles, dice horse, shares etc., lottery, gambling of the fifth house.The native’s love affairs, the degree of success or failure achieves in love affairs, courtship, courtship and licentiousness, the legitimate and illegitimate attraction and social intercourse between sexes prior to wedlock after, marriage come under this house; also kidnap, rape, and what not it may be said to represent the seat of the physical and magnetic attractions between the opposite sexes.In questions relating to national affairs, the 5th house indicates envoys, ambassadors, banquets, etc.The following according to Uttara kalamritam, have also to be determined from the 5th house in Vedic astrology.

Good morals, mechanical art, discretion (weighing merits and demerits of a thing ), discrimination between virtue and sin, prayer by incantations, chanting of Vedic hymns, religious mindedness deep pondering profound learning and wisdom, enormous richest hereditary post, festive occasion, intense action paternal property, liaisons with courtesans and gift of cooked rice. Bhattotpala has mentioned that chanting of mantras of sacred hymns, spiritual practices, intelligence and literary compositions are influenced by this house.The author of Jataka parijatham makes it clear that a person’s tutelary deity, intelligence, son, religious merit and ruler or sovereign are to be ascertained from the 5t house. According to him pilgrimage has to be predicted taking the 2nd 5th, 7th and 11th bhavas, visits to far-off places being found out with reference to the 12th bhava.(Malefic in the second house show separation from family. It may include, therefore, a journey .5th house connected with malefic will bring in separation from children and benefices in 5 indicate visit to holy places to fulfill one’s; the house is to make a journey and to have some breaks on the journey while proceeding or while returning home. The 10th house shows pilgrimage to holy places or journey on duty).

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