You're free to leave.

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Crying is of no avail.


It's not for me to say.

Dominick made a list of things he wanted to do before he died.

You'll rue the day you wronged me.


Claudia was wondering what Old was thinking.

It was impolite of him to do so.

Have you ever pronounced this word?

The door could not be opened.

You're nothing but a coward.

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I'm honest.

This is probably the place.

Ken joined the baseball club.

She devoted her life to helping the handicapped.

Father objected to my going to the mountain alone.

Po was a self-made millionaire.

I met his sister last week.

Do you think you could make it before noon?

"Our customers are in Taiwan", explained Leonard.


No one could go anywhere.

Let's ask her when she comes back home.

Do you have to make dinner?


He went to see her in the hospital every other day.

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What should Lynnette have done?

Relax for a second.

He would leave the job to his vice president.

I told him to clean his room.

The sun shines for everyone.

I glued the last piece of my collage with success.

I never dreamed of there being such a quiet place in this noisy city.

I told you to give me a call.

I can't believe you weren't as impressed as I was.


That's not what I'm looking for.

I can't believe you're so clueless. You're like a babe in the woods.

The physicist was ashamed to admit that he also likes chemistry.

That kid's a chip off the old block.

We can finish it later.

My father gave me a computer as a gift.

The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children.

He is the person who is responsible for the safety of parliamentarians.

Everything is all right.

I can't express how happy I was at that time.

The day will come when there will be no war.

Take it or leave it.

Last night I chundered.

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Old school friends often try to keep in touch with one another.

Rajarshi got rid of his old books.

What is your least favorite language?

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I'll help you find him.

Not to brag, but I'm a really smart guy. Really. I took an IQ test once, and the results were off the charts.

His hobby is collecting strange butterflies.

I never knew his real name.

Francois isn't what he seems.

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No one will recognize her in this mask.

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Most Americans like hamburgers.


Hey, I've got a better idea.

I'm glad I make you happy.

He wasn't at home when I called on him.


May I talk to you now?

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What he said is a good idea.

Who owns this truck?

When did you learn to drive?

You're not going to tell me what I want to know, are you?

How was last weekend, Nancy?


That doesn't change the situation one iota.

You should be with the others.

She used a zoom lens.


I like him all the better for his shyness.

She is qualified as a nurse.

Raanan became a drug addict.

I was glad to hear his report.

I think Casper is too aggressive.

Negligence is a type of damage or offense.

There was no one else on the road.

This doesn't look good.

This pair of shoes doesn't fit me.

She doesn't find meat tasty.

How long were you sick?

Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.

How is livelihood in America these day?

What more could a person want?

This company is a victim of its own success.

She is too young to know the truth.

I was enjoying that.

I didn't know that the cost of living was so high in Australia.

How can you break the news to her?


Who'll take over Cynthia's job when she retires?

You can't help me, can you?

I want to see a volcano.


Sergei didn't have anything to say to Gretchen.


I can't remember all their names.

He took no notice of our warning.

Can you get the boys some more juice?

All hail the king.

North Americans are more conservative in terms of sexual morality than Europeans.

This concept has many meanings.

We all must stand up against this.

An eclipse of the moon is a rare phenomenon.

The only problem is what to do when things go wrong at work, now that I can't bite my nails any more.


Deirdre will apologize.

I can't allow this.

I regret that I am going away.


She has huge debts.

So far, I'm bored.

We've got to get you a better office.

Pablo felt vulnerable.

Nothing's happened yet, but I'm sure it will.


Kari says he needs to buy a new computer.

Rex usually wears a conservative suit.

She explained the matter to me.

Pandora ran over to help Harry.

I bought a return ticket.

This job calls for skill.

He couldn't convince her of her mistake.

Sridhar did everything he could.

Milk gives me a stomachache.

We failed due to a lack of preparation.

Brandi needs money to buy some textbooks.

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Looks like I made a lot of mistakes.


Darrell and his grandfather communicate in French.

He made sure the story was leaked to the media.

I feel like a bad person.

Carole just shook his head and didn't say anything.

I have an extra ticket.

The student made a reasonable request.

Get out of the bathroom once and for all!

Click here for more information.

I take great pains in educating my daughter.

They had an argument.

The girl screamed when she saw the flames.

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My grandmother raised a family of ten.

No matter what happens, I'm not changing my mind.

He is a lump of selfishness.

This substance is in gaseous state.

Richard doesn't need to work on Sundays.


There really is such a thing as Internet addiction.


Columbus secured this region of interests.


So, I think that it is open.

Just leave it there.

What is this the abbreviation for?

I'm very serious about my music.

I'm trying to conduct an investigation.

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Dean hadn't eaten all day and was very hungry.


Some people eat sushi with their hands.


Yumi studies English hard.


He was disciplined for his wrongdoing.


Ken didn't have the courage to try it again.

Joachim looks as though he's got a plan.

I told you to be home by midnight.

I tried to break down the door, but I found out that it is impossible.

You are in no state to drive.

I write in my diary every day.

That's a beautiful dress.

I wish to be alone for a couple of hours.

She has remained abroad ever since.

Laura, are you a teacher?

I thought you were going to wait for Howard.


I invited twelve people to my party, but one of them couldn't come.


Trespassers will be shot.

Never look directly at the Sun, even for a second! It will damage your eyesight forever!

My elbow still hurts.

Isn't Donnie with you?

It's sad that so many players got hurt during the World Cup.