What the fuck is wrong with you?

There was no way in.

Everything stays the same.

I cleared up my desk.

He opened up his heart to her.

They were afforded the opportunity to work for the government.

Like a chook with its head cut off.

How big is your garden?

Who's in charge of this matter?

I told you I was telling the truth.

Where did you learn French?

I'm not the crazy one.

We could try to find the key.

This Daumier print is the most beautiful thing that I have bought as a souvenir of Paris.

Old people in supermarkets piss me off.

Anderson is very sensitive to cold.

You really are an idiot.

It's an idiom. You don't have to understand its literal meaning.

I was anxious that she accept my offer.

The plural of anecdote is data.


It is fair to say that both balls are of equal weight.


The meaning of this sentence is ambiguous.

Pilot is going to love living in Boston.

Are we expecting any other guests?

He wrote to his parents.

We should've stayed with Aaron.

There's a Passover custom to hide half a matzo, which is called "Afikoman", and the child who finds it is entitled to ask for an expensive present in return for it.

Many politicians are undergoing a conversion of conscience on the subject of marriage equality, which not coincidentally reflects a shift in public opinion overall.


Vaughn wanted to have babies right away, but Earle said that he wanted to wait.

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I'm sorry for everything.

In the latest report, it is written that 90% of all the cocaine smuggled in the world is transported by sea, and most of that by speedboat.

It is said that my sister is beautiful.

I wasn't given a choice.

Sunil hung the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Don't let them die.

If you love Tatoeba, then marry it!

What is your favorite sound?

Can I question Sho?


Stop asking yourself useless questions.


Shadow prepared dinner by himself.

You need to be there for Malaclypse.

The trip cost me a lot.

Olaf found him charming.

What else did you buy?

He who knows how to eat, knows how to digest.

Everyone listened and was very happy, thinking this wedding was both original and meaningful.


That's really hard work.

Nou may not agree with us.

What's missing?


I have a bestseller about Greek mythology.

He is not able to know the truth.

These pants are too big for me.

No one has yet found the fountain of youth.

Were those Lynn's exact words?


It works every time.

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Happy birthday to me!

He stood in an upright position.

Stop taking pictures. You look like a tourist.


Benjamin Franklin was an American statesman and inventor.

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The Spanish word "langosta" can mean either "lobster" or "locust".

Wilmer lent thirty dollars to Pablo.

There was no irritation on his part.


Did Claude say why Rogue isn't here today?

There is a test tomorrow.

We had to put off the meeting because of the traffic accident.

He's brighter than they are.

The manager said, "Let's begin with this job."


Nothing is so pleasant as travelling alone.

I can hardly wait for that to happen.

The child slept on its mother's lap.

I copied down several useful references on gardening.

Marital arguments should always be constructive to a marriage.


I'll be by later.

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She was breathing hard.

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Lowell pushed Donna over the edge of the cliff.

Guy made a stupid decision.

I think she is charming and attractive.


No good deed goes unpunished.

I need to get us out of here.

Jefferson believed the nation was in good hands.

You should have this.

It was easy for me to find water.


Why are you going there?


Richard said he was a little tired.


Ha-ha ... She isn't human. She's a robot; A-n-d-r-o-i-d.

At present he lives by himself and the rest of the world means nothing to him.

I didn't manage to find the address of my hotel.

I don't have anything.

Kate's father walks home from the station.


I think I can run as fast as Dani.


If I were in your shoes, I would help him.

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We talked about that.

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I accept, but only on one condition.

Most experts think a lot of his theory.

Is Dalton awake?

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Many people have made the same mistake.

Kolkka couldn't afford a high-priced lawyer.

I wrote a letter to him.

The month when school begins is April.

He bores me.

I'm filling in for Part again.

Tobias should've listened more carefully to Thomas's explanation.

I talked it over with Vidhyanath, and we've decided to go, too.

Pria didn't mean any harm.

He seemed like some sort of prince from a fairy tale.

They have no choice.

He peddled his "miracle cure" to desperate cancer patients.

The doctor did everything possible as a physician to save the life of the dying child; he also gave his blood to help the child weather the storm.

I look forward to the day I'll settle up with you.

Let's be creative.

Who gives something like that to a kid?

This production is primarily aimed at the American market.


We're not exactly sure what it was.


I always pass the time by watching TV.

They are going to throw a party for Sam.

Jos went to see Douglas the following Friday.


I want you to put out that cigarette.

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Charley was slouched in a chair.

He will stay here for a long period.

Louie wouldn't tell me why he wasn't here yesterday.

Get your hands off of Beverly.

Let me take a look at your tires.

In the end she chose another kitten.

Do you know the reason which prevented her from coming?

That's why I was absent from school yesterday.

Every time I see someone using a leaf blower, I feel like yanking it from his hands and breaking it into a thousand pieces.

It's likely to take much longer than you think it will.

It is now the time when the nuts are ripe, so let us go to the hill together and for once eat our fill before the squirrel takes them all away.

Can you do without an English dictionary?

You can count on him to tell the truth.

I sent you a photo.

In his opinion, the eurozone is disintegrating.


She's a drama queen.

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Just leave it there.

Some days I feel good.

I'll teach him some manners.

We were just joking.

A man of responsibility, he didn't leave the matter alone.

I don't have enough credits to graduate.

He was as good a man as I had thought.

Kaj has been dead three years.

I can't see her.

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He is handsome. In addition, he is good at sport.

He pulled her a little closer.

None of Rick's friends knew that Ramiro was in the hospital.

Brad corrected himself.

Rainforests should be preserved.


We must have respect for tradition.

The disposal of bioplastic waste represents a big problem.

Leila would tell me if there were a problem, wouldn't he?

True friendship is invaluable.

A shadow of anxiety swept across her face.

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Where there is asphalt, there is nothing interesting, but where it's interesting, there is no asphalt.

Jeannie tried to put the key in the ignition.

You got fired, didn't you?

I need to buy new yoga pants.

I was terribly offended.

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Dan paid Linda a visit at her office.


Tatoeba is helping to improve my Esperanto.

This vase has been sitting on the shelf for years.

The zipper won't open.

He is above asking questions.

Your friendship is most precious to me.