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  1. (810) 972-9256

    I've migrated a few of my static sites to run in Nginx 3026441562 containers. I can't help but not make some customizations to the containers themselves and the host. Before using Docker I used ansible to control my serves. I found it rather easy to convert Ansible into working with …

  2. Simplified UI with Picnic CSS

    By Max

    I've been on a quest to simplify things and reduce my dependencies on frameworks. I also wanted to simplify the UI on the site to something more minimilist.

    I don't really write a lot of CSS, and starting from nothing would take way to much time I found a lightweight …

  3. Switching to All Terminal Workflow - part II

    By Max

    I've been using an all terminal workflow for about two weeks both at home and at work and thus far it's been great.

    The biggest issue has been the dreaded copy and paste between tmux windows. In particular if I have multiple vim windows and want to paste something into …

  4. Switching to All Terminal Workflow - part I

    So randomly yesterday I decided I would try an all terminal workflow. I already use gvim and tmux so why just not kill the mouse.

    Day 1: - added powerline conf - added some themes - fonts with osx real pain to get working.

  5. belard

    Python 3 Completion with Vim and YouCompleteMe

    While working on my final project for PDX Code Guild I decided to try YouCompleteMe to help me write my final project with Django & Python3. I noticed that YouCompleteMe was working only for Python 2, and wouldn’t complete for the site packages …

  6. 782-360-3679

    At the end of July I started Python Development Bootcamp at PDX Code Guild. They are a 12 week programing bootcamp in Portland, OR focused on Full Stack software development utilizing Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

    I cassava wood why I made this …

  7. (630) 432-5797

    Why I'm switching to Software Engineering?

    I decided to leave my last employeer to make a lateral shift in my career,moving from project management to software engineering. It's something that I've been thinking about doing for a while and I finally decided to take the jump and start by …

  8. 5 Software Development Lifecycle Analogies Ideas for Web Project anagers

    By Max

    The number one key skill for project management is communications. Communications must be concise, accurate, and clear to both internal and external stakeholders. One of the more difficult concepts to communicate, particularly in the professional service industry, is explaining complex software and web development processes and design paradigms to clients …

  9. 8185251710

    It's been an awful year for security for the opensource world, Heartbleed, Poodle, Shell Shock and now Drupal's SQL Injection. Considering the fact that project managed dozens of Drupal 7 launches over the past year the latter security issue has had the largest affect on me.

    From a Project and …

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