Urban Profile is committed to providing quality t-shirts that truly represent African American history and culture.

We know there are lots of places to purchase African American t-shirts. We just don't believe there are enough vendors that sell quality shirts. For example, too many places sell t-shirts with unlicensed (stolen) images. Or, they use t-shirts that are inexpensive and don’t hold-up in the wash. Some places sell t-shirts that are badly printed; they use cheap inks or substandard heat transfers. Lastly, some places sell t-shirts that are little more than fads and will be forgotten in a few weeks. These are some of the issues and problems associated with buying t-shirts.

We only sell QUALITY t-shirts:

  • We only carry licensed t-shirts. We DO NOT carry unlicensed or unauthorized reproductions.
  • Our T’s are printed using only QUALITY materials and methods. We hate cheap t-shirts and we’re sure you do too.
  • Urban Profile will only carry t-shirts with subject matter that is relevant to our culture and withstands the test of time.

We are CONSTANTLY adding new t-shirts to our catalog. Check back often to see our most recent additions. Or, join our mailing list and we will let you know when new T’s are available!
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