Fi Community Engagement Service

Fi allows businesses of all kinds to communicate more effectively with their communities.


Most businesses could increase customer engagement and understand their customers better by having a mobile app on their customer’s smartphone.  However, consumers rarely download custom branded apps that don’t have utility value in their daily life.


Fi puts your business on your customer’s smartphones by requiring them to use the Fi application to access your guest Wi-Fi.

Once users connect, they are presented with a delightful array of services and information specific to your business.  This also allows you to send them offers no matter where they are physically located – onsite or offsite.


 Benefits of a custom app – without the cost

Fi delivers all of the benefits of a custom branded mobile app such as:  Push notifications, multi-media content delivery and storage, data analytics, and other business-specific features.  We do all of this without the cost and complexity of designing your own custom app!

Our simple web-based campaign editor allows you to quickly automate an entire year of marketing campaigns in minutes.  This alleviates head count and costs associated with Social Media Marketing.

Adding new services to a SmartSpace™

Fi is the only purpose-built mobile marketing solution that allows features to be added on-the-fly.  In-app ordering, predictive ordering, automated marketing campaigns, blue-tooth beacons, and many other web services can be added to your Fi SmartSpace™ – often without updating on Apple’s App Store or GooglePlay.


Location-aware features keep guests interacting with your brand

Fi creates a fun and interactive experience at your physical location.  Guests can chat with other users, share content, browse other guest profiles, respond to questionnaires, and receive customized welcome messages.


Activate Your Fi SmartSpace™

Adding Fi to your Wi-Fi router is simple, free, and takes less than 5 minutes. You can use your existing router, or enhance your experience with a custom install.

Connecting SmartSpaces™ to Build a Smart City

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The Future of Fi SmartSpaces™ is to Build Smart Cities