Lojbanistan is on the border with Esperantujo.

May I come to see you at your office tomorrow morning?

It is impossible for me to answer the question.

Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.

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Please come here.

You can't mistake it.

Do you think we'll get to the station in time?

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Won't you come and see me next week?

I don't know quite how to tell you this.

We're bankrupt.

I came to say hi.

See to it that you never make the same mistake again.


Love is possible.

Mahesh took a handkerchief out and blew his nose.

It's a red card!


This popcorn tastes stale. I wonder when it was popped.

You attach too much importance to what he says.

Thank you for being so supportive.

This is yesterday's newspaper. Where's today's?

Why don't you ask her to do it?

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The king will no longer be able to catch us.

Kelvin and Gary have quit talking to each other.

My evolved Time Ark will increase your abilities.

I am grateful to you for your help.

The entire book was written by hand.


I know some really funny jokes. Want to hear one?

You're the only person I know besides me who is actually interested in this kind of thing.

Troy may have some good ideas.

Why did you leave the class yesterday?

Nobody thinks Ole will win the race.

You must not make noises in the classroom.

He called on me at my office yesterday.

No flying from fate.

The boy talks like a great scholar.


The work I'm doing at the moment is very interesting.


Do you know that elephants have two enormous ears, but they still can't understand you?


Your country is already beautiful and it has still a potential to be even better.

The time has come when we can travel through space.

She has very long hair.

I wasn't able to find that thing anywhere.

She hasn't cleaned her room yet.

I just gave my viewpoint, why are you attacking me like this?

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

Throw away the chairs whose legs are broken.

Why didn't you make us stop?


Fritz has a car.

I'm getting tired of hearing you say that.

Nothing will happen to me.

He is looked up to as their leader.

Miss Green teaches us music.

Jesus wants to call his lawyer.

The shortage of engineers is the greatest bottleneck to the development of our company.

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Astronomy is by no means a new science.


Use interrogative pronouns to rewrite the sentences below; if you need to, you can add or remove a few words.


Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and pine nuts are dry fruits.


I need to do an exam in January.

That's not like her.

Can I have a second?


I just had my final exam today.

Knut heard the drums.

You had no reason to do that.

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It is stipulated that we should receive a month's vacation every year.

Dwight thinks that his computer is possessed by an evil spirit.

I wish we could be of more help.

I don't like to wear shoes without socks.

I think I need a rest.


I can't lie to Pantelis again.

The capital of the United Kingdom is London.

When do you want it?

We're supposed to be helping Slartibartfast.

Send him up.

There are days where I feel like my brain wants to abandon me.

The woman has two important questions to ask: What am I wearing? and what am I cooking?

She came late as usual.

Her ex-boyfriend was very possessive and confrontational.

Please tell me exactly what you did.

When did Matthieu die?


He's getting used to the situation.

The weather is stormy.

Jim couldn't help noticing that there were many people doing things they weren't supposed to do.

I wish Siegurd would stop that.

Does your wig make you deaf?


"How do you feel?" he asked.

I thought you and Lanny were friends.

How much will it cost to fix the car?

Theodore was right next to me the whole time.

I've always wanted to read that book.


This is clearly Emet!

They took away the remains of a civilization lost in history.

Both of them are very brilliant.

Leith is pretty unusual.

I have a high temperature.

Hubert tried to thwart Lloyd's plans.

Police are warning people not to leave pets and children in cars in today's excessive heat.


You may have heard of that.


There's something I have to ask you.

It's beyong belief.

We only lack a few details to precisely reconstruct the crime scene.

Your time's almost up.

She works 9-5 every weekday.

He did his duty as a matter of course.

Is everything OK at home?

I'd rather ride my own bike.

Where are you going, Mom?


I don't like winter.


The factory produces thousands of bottles every month.

I'll go change.

I ate three pieces of cake.

European and Brazilian Portuguese sound very different.

He writes poems and novels.

I can't help making fun of him.

Relax a moment.


The bike that was loved for many years was stolen.

We usually eat outside on the porch in the summer.

Perhaps I could come back.


She likes jelly donuts.

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They grew frustrated.

Charles improvised a short address.

I just ran into Hon in the cafeteria.

This is an ancient Chinese custom.

The policemen wore gas masks and helmets.

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It's hot down here.

I think it only matters to you.

I quenched my thirst with this single glass of tea.


Who's responsible for all this?

They enjoy the highest standing.

Everyone believes in victory, even when this is unlikely.

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Are fireworks legal in Australia?

Jimmy is not my type.

You will be punished if you break the law.


Metin would've liked it.

Andy is scheduled to be sentenced on October 20th.

Travis wakes from a deep sleep.

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I do know when your plane will land, but not when it takes off.

We've had a great week.

They were looking on the beautiful garden.

Raghu is a professional athlete.

Why do you need my help?


Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him?

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Did you notice that Masanobu was looking at you?


Why don't you tell me what's really bothering you?

Don't worry. Everything'll be fine.

You are the very man I want to see.

You'll have a very beautiful view of Boston from here.

I can't take this on, because I already have enough problems to solve.

Let me have another look at that.

Are you in any pain?


We will close around 7 p.m.

Terrance has a nice voice.

Suddenly, there were gunshots.

Naren has three tickets in his hand.

This is my business address.

I believe in you.

The printer in Peter's office is broken and doesn't print anymore.

Helen is in the kitchen making sandwiches.

Somebody is standing in front of his room.

All you had to do was ask and I would have helped you.

Why is Andre in the hospital?


I study about two hours every day.

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Melinda arrived very late.

Do you have any idea why Shane doesn't like me?

I threw a ball to my dog and he caught it in his mouth.