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Application Development

What do we do?

Cloud Computing

We provide a service over the Internet or dedicated network, with delivery on demand, and payment based on usage. Cloud computing services range from full applications and development platforms, to servers and storage.

Web Design and SEO

Our sites are custom built using the highest quality of Themes and Graphics and enabled web Applications, SEO friendly coding. Starting as low as USD205! Choose one of our SEO packages and starting at USD300 Per month

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Mobile and tablet devices are the new frontier of marketing, sales, and service. It’s estimated that more people are now accessing the Internet via mobile devices than desktops. Let’s design you that Amazing App for your business


Word Press is what we specialize in and have done for a long while. Therefore, we have the experience to make your new website a success, quickly and easily..

Training and development

Training for Success marketing and sales development programs are designed for specific industries and tailored to meet your organization's specific goals, style and objectives

Customer service

Our Customer Service Standards will ensure that our customers receive consistently standards of customer service and that all sections of our diverse community are able to access our services.

Bulk SMS Pricing

Basic Package

UGX 38 / SMS

  • From : 10,000UGX
  • To : 100,000UGX

Silver Package

UGX 30 / SMS

  • From : 100,001UGX
  • To : 350,001UGX

Wedding Package

UGX 28 / SMS

  • From : 100,000UGX
  • To : 150,000UGX


UGX 25 / SMS

  • From : 350,001UGX
  • To : 499,999UGX

Reseller’s Package

UGX 22 / SMS

  • From : 250,000UGX
  • To : 500,000UGX

Business Package

UGX 20 / SMS

  • From : 500,000UGX
  • To : 1,000,000UGX


UGX 17 / SMS

  • From : 1,000,000UGX
  • To : 10,000,000UGX

Election Campaign

UGX 15 / SMS

  • From : 10,000,000UGX
  • To : 50,000,000UGX

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