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It was hard to resist the impulse to wring Heinz's neck.


I can't go back to the way it was.

There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.

Polly's undefeated.

My legs failed me then.

These plywood beams are of different thicknesses.

They hate opera.

I went to bed late and was late for the first train.


He hurt his left foot when he fell.

This is turning out to be a long evening.

I wouldn't want you to think I was mean.

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This chemical is extremely dangerous.


Srinivasan's not from around here.

In this kind of the situation, it is preferable to remain calm.

He came near to being drowned in the river.

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At the crossroads, turn left.

I've got the day off today.

Are you really just giving up?


It will not be long before one out of five people owns a car.


It's not a crime.


In political geography, a boundary is an imaginary line between two nations, separating the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of the other.

I'd like to have a room with a nice view.

I disposed of my old coat.


The ship changed course.

In the old days, there were no telephones or electricity whatsoever.

I promise.

She is as beautiful as Snow White.

Why can't you be more like them?

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I need to get that fixed.

We're facing serious problems.

I figure it'll take one or two days.

It's only six pence per second.

Words cannot describe the horror I felt.


In Colombia, the population is classified into social strata ranging from one to six, one being the poorest and six being the richest.

I hope everything's all right.

Mr. Jones had Jitendra go to the dentist.

He laughed for no reason.

How are you managing?

I told Jeanne.

You can't come in here.

Both of Todd's parents were teachers.

The apples look good.

Our country stands at the end of the beginning.

Hsi is staring at me.

Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.

Secrecy was important.

That was gutsy.

The dissemination of scientific knowledge is essential.

He does not listen.

Lorraine unsheathed his sword.

I had rather never have been born than have seen this day of shame.

Ronald had to bear the brunt of his boss's anger.

He took the video to a local TV station.

Clean up a little.


The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting world peace.

Are you a leader or a follower?

They are my grandfather's books.

You broke into my territory, now I must shoot you.

It took me a while to find her.

The number of pupils in this room is 25.

How could that ever happen?

Srinivas never showed up last night.

He forgot a section of the speech and had to improvise for a while.

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Do as she says.

I'm in the same boat as you.

I get the distinct impression that somebody doesn't want Margot to leave.

It's an idea whose time has come.

My music teacher was surprised to know I know how to cook.

What did you buy for your boyfriend?

You got us evicted.

I'd better go find him.

Glynn completed his painting.


He is ignorant of the world.

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Is it really possible?

I don't know where you have to go.

Dan finished the wounded dog off with a big rock.


You don't have to decide right now.


Kimberly didn't pay attention to what Kiki said.


She's a hottie.

Turkeer isn't like you.

Being 25 letters long, 'anticonstitutionnellement' is the longest word in French.


Chicks dig scars.

I know Griff is in Boston now.

I feel that I am a burden to everyone, that no one will ever love me.


They were meant for each other.

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Hanni and Nanni are twins.

I thought you said you wouldn't be coming to school today.

Nora didn't enjoy the concert at all.

She pulled up near the hotel office.

My aunt, who lives in Tokyo, sent me a beautiful blouse.


I do love you.

Have you already read this book?

He likes reading the Chinese book his father wrote in America.


I like to take a walk after meals.

Shahid isn't ashamed of what he did.

You tried very hard every day.


I don't speak Chinese.

I really hope you can come.

There can only be one winner.

Everybody was staring at me.

The house collapsed under the weight of the snow.

It was hot in every sense of the word.

We don't have that data.

You understand me.

Oh, "that's a good idea," she said.

Some of you already know me.

It's not too late to walk away.

You must be very busy now.

He was borne away by an impulse.

What do you think about Vistlik?

It seems that Cathy likes music.


Don't you have any feelings for her at all?

He was easily influenced.

There's nothing to eat.

He works hard in order to keep his family in comfort.

How's the party going?

Jakob pushed me into the lockers.

It wouldn't be fair to them.

Why don't you come on in?

I didn't know you liked the noble art.

Frederic thought Roxie wouldn't be able to earn more than thirty dollars an hour.

Eat me!

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The house was silent.


If you don't get the punch line, I'm sorry.


Show me a list of your rates, please.


This machine was out of order for a while.


It was a race to get to the station on time.

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If by any chance I'm late, please don't wait for me.

I was totally unprepared for this.

I set fire to one.


Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

I've written a list of questions for you to ask Pedro.

Don't leave me, Hohn.


Be sure to get a receipt.

Ralf just told me something personal.

Judy has already moved to Boston.

I studied hard to enter the school.

After a big night out, Sir looked in the mirror and was shocked to see he had a black eye.


She sought for the wood for cooking and herbs for vegetables, and put the pans on the fire so that the dinner was always ready when the eleven came. She likewise kept order in the little house, and put beautifully white clean coverings on the little beds, and the brothers were always contented and lived in great harmony with her.

But I slept right through the class. Don't you ever sleep through an eight-thirty class?

We've all done it.

Did you love him?

I'm not leaving Mick here by himself.

America and other colonial powers hoped for the end of the Russian Revolution.

Those guys are looking at us.


I love Naren so much.

He was thrown in prison for robbery.

I don't think she is capable of doing this job. To start with, she is far too old.

That's what they always say.

I slipped on my geta and dashed outside.

They tell you this.

Tell Darryl I'll call later this afternoon.

I wrote an email to my friend and he praised me for my writing skills.

Marie propped himself up on his elbow.


I didn't tell you to fire Christie.

This isn't a trivial matter.

We walked for about 6 kilometers.

It seems that most people only barbeque in the summer.

I'm calling for help.

I question the sincerity of Adrian's speech.

This is sooo scary!!!

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Hirofumi weighs more than Rathnakumar does.