He's a vegetarian. He doesn't know what he's missing.

Can you tell me what to do?

I can stay up late since I am on summer holidays.

I'm sorry that I can't meet you tonight.

I can't love anyone but you.

We need to wait and see.

She's a fangirl.

I wonder if Jackye would be interested in investing in our project.

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She plans to break up with her boyfriend.

He is always isolated from his fellow workers.

Something really should be done about the problem, but this is cracking a nut with a sledgehammer.

According to TV news, there was a plane crash in India.

Adlai told me to be careful.

All this is new to me.

I asked Rees for his phone number.


I ran downstairs.

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They need investors.

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Jones tried to think of something to say.

I rewarded my pigeons with food for climbing onto the box.

There's only a couple of days left until our winter vacation.


How can I keep tabs on the least visited pages, and what do I do with them?

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My father was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

The servants worked like ants.

Would you mind if we spoke French instead?

It doesn't have any meaning.

He has already gone out.

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The ship came in sight.

He assures us that he didn't attach a false statement.

They succeeded in the negotiation.

Hwa wants June to buy a new dress for the banquet.

London is different from Tokyo climatically.

My father usually watches TV after dinner.

He jumped out of bed.


Pitawas bumped into Vijay because he wasn't looking where he was going.


Listen to her.

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Santa tried on the coat, but it didn't fit.

My country is far from Japan.

This sentence is funny.

I need to rest now.

Wolves won't usually attack people.


It is not good wishing.

People can actually understand them.

I don't have much to work with.

Ping stretched out on the couch.

Do you work well under pressure?

I don't enjoy fighting.

Her whole body hurt.


I've been sober for eight months.

You told me you were going to stop complaining.

This is a picture of my drawing.

She was terribly disappointed with me.

Her mouth hurt a lot.

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This scholar studies ancient manuscripts.

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That store sells a wide range of goods.


Give us a chance to investigate it.

He had a silly smile on his face the whole evening.

Sally denied any involvement in the killing.

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Arlene said that no matter what happened, he'd always love Amy.

I'm a baker.

There were quite a few passengers on board the ship.


The temperature fell.

Stephe said he'd be willing to do anything for me.

I used to hate him.

I was looking for Vince, but he found me first.

I think we've got problems.

Don't expect everyone to be here on time.

The children were barefoot.

He was very insistent.

Does it bother you?

For her, work and family were synonymous.

Sherri seems surprised.


They look happy.

We have lots of questions, too.

If I had known before I courted, I never would have courted none.

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The poor girl made a living by selling flowers.

Here is where it all happens.

According to what I heard, they have broken up.

We haven't yet done everything we need to do.

I need to tell her something.

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Coated vascular stents didn't prove their superiority over bare metal vascular stents.

My Thunderbird sorts notification e-mails from Tatoeba into three different folders without my having asked it to do so.

Can you not sense the mood?

Someone might visit you in the big house.

It's safe now.

She will write a letter after school.

I spent the major part of my vacation at my uncle's.

Is that why you won't help me?

Vadim made some sandwiches.


I used to read every book that came my way.


That's an interesting piece of information.


Don't judge a man by the clothes he wears.

It was very generous of you to buy all these things for us.

Rodent has been up to something.

It's kosher but it's smelly.

Ramon accidentally shot Pratapwant.

Don't go around breaking young girls' hearts.

He's my old drinking buddy.

I feel like a new man.

Brender says he wasn't being paid.

Don't go near the fire.

I explained the procedure to him.

Sedovic practically accused me of being a traitor.

The most beautiful victory is to defeat one's heart.

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It was stupid for him to turn down her offer.

Are you sure this is what Dominick wanted us to buy?

I have a friend who shaves his head.


Rhonda knows getting angry won't do any good.


Thanks for your question.

Which direction is the park in?

I'd love to know if my luggage is arriving soon.

Raif looks like he wants to say something.

There are no cookies in the pantry. Look in the utility room.

I filled the pail with water.

The early bird can kiss my ass!

Are you still alive, Sysko?

This flower is yellow and the others are blue.

I won't cook for you.

She did not come for a certain reason.

Eh, do you know where the nail clippers that were here before are?

Well, what's wrong with it?

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But those hypotheses are still an object of discussion in the world of science.

Many students are looking for part-time jobs.

There is nothing frightening about a normal, natural death, the death of a man who has fulfilled himself and lived out his life.

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I want to leave Paris.

I caught the ball.

They're all thieves.

I'm not very good at swimming.

You ought to write a book.


In order to make us and everyone else remember this day, I ask everyone to plant a tree with us.

The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator.

Mason is in the kitchen making us something to eat.

She longed to hear him say that he loved her.

Did you notice any suspicious places?


The reality of spirit-matter is inevitably translated into and confirmed by a structure of the spirit.


Why isn't Roxane fighting back?


I need my bag.

I'm wondering if I love her.

The Treasurer is being accused of robbing Peter to pay Paul to fund his austere budget.

If you hadn't done it, someone else would have.

A driver is deeply attached to his old car.


He is not a man to rely on.

When the four limbs are placed correctly and the vital energy of blood is tranquil, the thoughts will be unified, and mind will be concentrated: ears and eyes will not be flooded, and what is distant will be like what is close, - the knowledge will be born out of thinking.

Surya is wearing a new coat.


So late as 1610, Galileo, a Florentine, discovered and introduced the use of telescopes, and by applying them to observe the motions and appearances of the heavenly bodies, afforded additional means for ascertaining the true structure of the universe.

I'm coming from grandpa now, and going to my uncle.

I asked Diane if he wanted to go swimming.

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The fact is that they are talking.

Steven is incorrigible.

I'm going to look for her now.

She keeps her age a secret.

Takeuchi is out to get me.


She was angry. That is why she remained silent.

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I wish I could express myself better in French.

I share your opinion.

We don't know how to find them.

Christopher Columbus drank unfiltered seawater.

Mayuko avoided doing hard work.

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The whale is the largest animal on the earth.

I heard that Kristin was sick all last week, but she looks well now.

This is how he failed.


I wouldn't mind going to the cinema.