Nelken and Dana are getting ready to go on their honeymoon.

Thanks for the memories.

I can't let my father down.

It is necessary that he follow my advice.

I have one too.


Alastair slept in his clothes.

Since most speakers of Esperanto have learned the language through self study, the Internet in general, and websites such as www.lernu.net in particular, have been a great boon to the language.

Next Thursday is a holiday.


When Mysore and I were married, we used to go bowling with Martha and Alice.


This rain coat comes in all sizes.


Please shut up.

You'll have to ask her that.

Pretend you don't know anything.

I've got someone here you might want to talk to.

I do not feel obligated.

I love watching birds.

Clarissa is staying at a nearby hotel.

We're here.

She wants me to help her.

There were just barely over 100 houses in the village we passed yesterday.

I want to kiss him goodbye.

I missed you today.

Why didn't he stop smoking?

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You said that you hated Harmon.


I'll ask around and see what people think.

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I am alive even though I am not giving any sign of life.


As for me, I am quite happy.

How did you get those bruises on your face?

I told Hurf I was going to handle it.


We should head south.

They have a son.

"Does it taste good?" "Yeah, it's good."

It would be hard for me to say no to Penny.

You're telling me.

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I couldn't wait to talk to Juliet.

Do you have a tape measure I could borrow?

Ellen was left out.

Cole found a meteorite.

The prime minister will make an announcement tomorrow.

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Rudolf knows he should do it, but he doesn't want to.

List has come out of hiding.

I always take some exercise before breakfast.

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I'm sorry that you and Manavendra had a fight.

Lester knows exactly what it is.

He who climbs up, will fall down.

I need to know what happened that night.

I felt the sweat trickle down my brow.

Let us not deceive ourselves.

You can count on us.

Manuela's clothes are very stylish.

I just wish it wasn't so expensive.


Jennifer looks as if he's angry.

I am adamant that he undertake it.

I go to a restaurant once in a blue moon.


Suu is the only one here who doesn't know Hans.


If he asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

Son asked for your help.

She hates me as much as I hate her.

How do you say "telephone" in Turkish?

I teach third grade.

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Ranjit managed to escape through a window.

Troy uses his position for personal gain.

300 sit-ups every day? That's completely impossible!

It's one less thing to worry about.

I thought you guys had already left.

Sjaak leaned over to tie his shoelaces.

The greatest barrier to consciousness is the belief that one is already conscious.

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The excitement reached its peak.

Man is the only animal that can laugh.

Which one is better: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10?


I'm sensing a little hostility here.

Daddy, you smell like you've been drinking.

Step outside.

How would you like to get together this weekend?

This is a private matter.


Dan smoked marijuana with Linda.

I need to talk with you.

I'd like a turnover, please.

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It's not like you think.

Stop trying to be nice.

My mother made me a coffee and then went out in time to catch the bus.

We confirmed her death.

This movie is rated PG-13.

Philosophers tend to have little contact with the outside world.

Americans like football in the same way that Japanese like baseball.

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I lost a lot of blood.


Ally loves playing with her twin sister Anne.

He was accused of being neglectful of his duties.

Oh, the driver is a maniac.

He never misses reading the papers every day.

You can't fix it in the amount of time you have left.

How many do you have?

King nodded and left.


Why don't you join the party?

The paintings were in very good condition.

Vernon can't have done that all by himself.

The knife was so dull that I couldn't cut the meat with it and I had to use my pocketknife.

I don't mind being criticized when I am wrong.

She took a sip of her drink.

Vickie often skipped class.


For Sho, it was David who was in the wrong.

I hope that Emma will arrive soon.

It is I who am head of this family.

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Kristin squeezed his eyes shut.

My daughter's pet is a rat.

This is incredible! How do you hit a winner from that position?!

Have the tourists all gone on board?

Have you ever seen the picture painted by Picasso?


You beat her.


No is allergic to girls.

He was injured in the accident.

The new tax law is full of loopholes.

He is poor, but he never complains.

I want to stay home and sleep all day.

What happened to your car?

I saw the children walk across the street.

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I add examples to Tatoeba in many languages.

The number of empty harvested fields along the roads is increasing right now.

All the stores were closed.

If you have the least problem, you can contact me by email, or if it's really urgent, come and meet me in my office.

You're restless.


My vet told me to feed my dog in the evening.

Changes to your comment have been saved.

It seemed to me best to try to attain safety in this way.

I'd do what Damon advises if I were you.

I didn't go fishing with Reiner last weekend.

I want to go to India.

You've got no authority to do that.

Beverly has just finished writing his report.

Pieter realized Plastic was probably getting hungry.

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All right, what's going on?


That's fantastic!

Hey! I don't want any crank calls - not at this hour.

Darci is very efficient.

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Are you responsible for this mess?


I like dogs better than cats, because the former are more faithful than the latter.

Foreigners get special treatment in that country.

That girl's face is incredibly ugly.

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Get ten bananas and five pineapples, so you don't go hungry before pay day.

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She's a rather pretty woman.


Herman will have to undergo several months of rehabilitation after leaving hospital.

Can you people hear me down there?

Dave is hardly a child.


I still do that.


Police used rubber bullets to subdue the rioters.

It's no use pleading because they'll never give in.

At this beer hall, you can order beers up to one liter in size.


Dorothy won't eat meat.


If he studied hard, he would pass the test.

President Taft wrote a warm goodbye letter to his friend.

I don't play tennis after school.

They said they're happy.

Let's think about it.

What's the difference between a toucan and a parrot?

Nadeem is tactful.

The less said, the better.

Prices will increase after October 20th.

Do you have someone in mind for the job?

Finally I finished my task.