production finesser

“A creative wonder-worker who can form bonds between even the most uncomfortable partners – and boy does it show on film!” — FCB executive

You may not know Colleen’s name – yet – but you surely know her work. From the snotty Tostitos food critic, to the snarky Supercuts stylists, to the slapsticky smoothie-making Gatorade athletes – Colleen’s productions have likely made you laugh. And maybe, even buy.

You know the agencies she’s helped define. After making her mark on FCB and Bayer Bess Vanderwarker, Colleen co-founded one of the most innovative start-ups in the Chicago’s advertising history: Element 79.

You know the celebrities whose contracts (and moods) she’s managed. Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Rachel Harris, Beyonce: not easily finessed, say most producers, but for Colleen – a breeze.

After 20 years there’s literally no aspect of production Colleen hasn’t mastered – with the gusto of a bold adventurer. Whether it’s dialing in her extensive international network to hunt down the world’s top underwater DP, or channeling her encyclopedic knowledge of regulations to negotiate a tricky talent contract, when Colleen is producing creative is always effective, communication, seamless. All of it on time, under budget, and with a contagiously soothing smile.

Sooner or later, anyone who works with her discovers that Colleen is the master synergistic behind the scenes. She nimbly comingles all the pieces of production to create spots that are gloriously greater than the sum of their parts.

So why haven’t you heard her name?

Anyone who works with her will also discover that Colleen is exceedingly humble. She’s not looking for glory or accolades. Colleen literally gets her thrills from keeping each production on track, and each production player calm and steady. Colleen Dirsmith is the definition of production finesser.