What a nice thing to say!


His house is full of convenience.

I sent this drum to my father.

Kikki says he's willing to try anything.

I just heard you visited her.

It is time to empty the garbage.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith are the sort of couple who don't go out much in the evenings.


Pervasive and pernicious deviations from both fact and logical validity lurked behind a meretricious plausibility.

Tell her I miss her.

I told you to lock the door.

It's necessary to make his language like other people's.

In consequence of a new agreement between two competitors, we need to readjust our strategies.

I wish I could give you something, but I can't.

I was mugged.


Her explanation of the problem made no sense.

That won't help you.

Are you adventurous?

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War was giving way to peace.

I returned to the Government on the shoulders of the people.

After a rainy morning the clouds were suddenly parted and a double rainbow appeared in the sky.


I speak French as well as Owen does.

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Albert told me that he often dreams in French.


I shouldn't have been so rude to Sigurd.


As you treat me, so I will treat you.

Nobody talked about the movie.

The toy the boy was playing with is broken.

Shutoku will be waiting at the station.

She can't have done such a thing.


The lion roars.

Old will last.

The inconvenient improbability that we exist as self-conscious beings raises the ontological questions of where, when, and how did it all come into being.

The truth can give rise to hatred.

He is twenty-four years old.


How did you like the food at that restaurant?

Bertrand lives in a treehouse.

It looks amazing.


Besides those serious problems, he had to contend with all sorts of people.

He's a well-known television personality.

Any result obtained through the execution of the Commissioned Business shall belong to each party hereto.

You said you had a theory.

It's the first time he has run across French.


Who came together with your sister? -With my sister is her little daughter Helena.


I almost died a year and a half ago.

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It's a student's business to study.


Blood is thicker than water.

I took the elevator down.

The table is broken, it must be repaired.


Your gums will get numb in a few minutes.

Ragnar told me that he could see no reason why he shouldn't accept Jones's offer.

He practiced the piece many times before the concert.


The situation has improved considerably compared with what it was.

My uncle lives in an apartment.

I want to know who told Theodore that.

She's been out of work for over a week.

I need to ask you a favor.


As for me, I have nothing to say.

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That's all we need.

Natraj started playing the piano when he was thirteen years old.

I thought Roxie would need help getting in and out of the bathtub.

Some people felt that Marcel's behavior was inappropriate.

Father let me drive his car.

Tuan asked how much we had paid.

Knapper likes you more than anybody else.

She tried hard to imitate Mariah Carey but failed.

Craig's computer made a strange noise and then went dead.

When is checkout time?

He is desirous of going abroad.


I can't believe that this is happening. Please tell me that it's a lie!

He greeted that lady.

How soundly he is sleeping!

This photo shows a man who owns a small food store.

The hourglass will indicate the end of the fight.

The deer was killed by hunters.

Are you refusing my request?

Don't you very often surf?

The temperature on Mars can be very, very cold.

This is easy. It's like taking candy from a baby.

You ought to see a doctor.


You certainly picked a nice time to start an argument.

Without advice, you would have failed.

I'd like to drink something.

The new law will bring about important changes in the educational system.

Archie suggested that I not buy a secondhand computer.

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The concert hall was alive with fans.

Have you ever upset your mother?

I took a picture of my family.


Walt isn't interested in Kanthan.

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Floria is a language nerd.


She explained to him why she couldn't visit him.


It's probably the flu.


Do you like this song?

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Gretchen intends to spend his life sentence writing love sentences.


Will you shut your mouth or not?

If you want Rajeev to respect you, you must respect Juri.

Let's split the bill.

Why don't you follow her example?

It can't last much longer.


Jarl's arms ached.

The old people make a habit of getting up early.

They hate opera.

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Adrian was impressed with what she saw.

Admit that you made a mistake.

Woodrow Wilson was extremely sick.

No man is the wiser for his learning.

I believe that this photo was taken in May.


Bert got back in the car.


What's Boston like?

The washing machine facilitates my housework.

"Did you work yesterday?" "I wish yesterday had been a holiday."

The woman cries before the wedding and the man afterwards.

The birds soar in the air.

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I was eating a sandwich.

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Pick food that are less in oil, sugar, salt and foods with high fibre.


Her face reddened as he sang to her.

Emma has done everything.

He can't swim at all, but when it comes to skiing, he is the best.

Hey, listen to me.

Kathryn had no chance to tell Tigger what he thought.

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I really didn't do much.

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They were all looking for the missing child.


Are you sure Ramadoss can hear us?

I'm afraid the doctor is out.

Sedovic is snoring.


She flashed him her angry eyes.

Tell Jennie I want to talk to him right away.

We've got to take some action.

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Novorolsky didn't even look at me.

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He was sent to jail for the robbery.

The conference runs through Monday.

I really want to hold your hand.

The difference is not so great for me.

Seymour looked at the price tag once again.

Why is she here?

Any industrial property rights relating to the Product Specification shall belong to ABC Inc.

Leads wants to do everything himself.

He was quickly recaptured.

I don't want to go upstairs.

E-cigarettes are being promoted as a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but health authorities are concerned about the long-term health effects on users.


Hume didn't remember where he'd put his passport.

It looks like you've got a green thumb.

What's the problem if she doesn't love you? You can love yourself.


Her eyes darkened.

So, how long have you known Tai?

It's an honest mistake.

People want to be understood.

You belong on another planet.

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Bea wants evidence.

It has been delightful, but I must go now.

Everyone seems to be happy but me.


Apparently we're just two peas in a pod.