It is no good arguing with you.

As you have already suspected, the prince's name was Timo and the little mermaid's name was Knapper.

I have a friend waiting downstairs.

The teacher aroused our interest.

Everyone laughed at him.

He has studied the possibility of a collaboration.

We've been here for quite a while.

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I used to go skiing in winter.


It can't be as bad as all that.

I wonder why the police didn't find the gun.

Maybe I should talk to them.

Since when do you care about ethics?

I believe in this project, i think it's adapted to the necessities of small and medium enterprises, try and tell your experiences.

I suggest you listen carefully.

Birds, for instance, have a special protective device.

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I'm fairly happy.

Where are you going to?

I helped her wash dishes.

Don't you think I can handle myself?

While I was talking over the telephone she came to see me.


I went to sleep during the math lesson.

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He kept to himself.

Luke is being facetious.

That car is fast. It goes like a bat out of hell.

Shannon promised Roland that he wouldn't drink anymore.

How soon can you get it done?


Is this a good time to talk?

Let her leave.

The nurse recommended that he try walking.

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I began playing golf years ago.

Kit won't let us go there without him.

Stop bothering your father.


If you want to work here, you need a permit.


I've never kept a diary.

One of the professors whispered.

What are you working for?

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That's a nice brooch.

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Pravin is quite assertive.


"Hello, who is this?"

I don't think Barbra was particularly pleased to see me.

His house is for sale.


You can speak English well, can't you?


We got really impatient.

What you have said doesn't apply to you.

His birthday is May 5th.

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Today, the locomotive is pushing the cars in the train.

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May I go home?


I'll have dinner.

I'd love some help on this.

A bear is bigger than I.

My neighbour's daughter is an aerospace engineer.

What's your favorite movie of all time?


Why don't you come out here and look for yourself?

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Heather is the only boy who doesn't like football.

After he died, he wanted his ashes spread over the ocean.

How many men are there that wear a coat that cost a hundred francs, and carry a diamond in the head of their cane, and dine for twenty-five SOUS for all that! It seems as though we could never pay enough for the pleasures of vanity.


Among all cheeses, the one that I like is Camembert. I love its smell because it makes me nostalgic.

They closed the shop at five.

I was very pleased.

It was magnificent.

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia.

Please put down your name in this book.

It's nothing we can use.

I'm sure you have a lot to think about.

We tried that already.


I was eating in restaurant yesterday.


I'm not softening them.

The teacher was surrounded by her students.

Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.


What was it all about?


Right-click here to download the file to your computer.


I think that's a part of the problem.

Don't forget to call him.

There are twenty-two of us in all.

You've already had breakfast, haven't you?

Life can force you to make tough choices.

I feel good after a workout.

I'd rather die than see you cry.


Ninja knows what Rodent wants.

I would love to come with you all, but I don't have any money.

What do you like about her?

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He crossed the Rio Grande River.


Who're you looking for?

What would happen if you didn't go to school tomorrow?

Let's just get this done.

It's going to be difficult.

Trust me, I can make it happen.

I am not accustomed to such treatment.

Ilya asked Hal to leave.


Shuvra ran back down the stairs.


We will first ascertain the cause of the disaster.

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It'll happen, I'm sure of it.


My children refuse to eat fish.


As soon as he was left alone, he opened the letter.


She tends to underestimate her own ability.

We can get a weather bulletin every day.

Lui referred to his notes.

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Take it home if you want.

The room was packed with people.

You're not taking that job in Boston, are you?

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Why does he want to join the army?

Life was never meant to be easy.

I don't see anything from my room since I always keep my curtains closed.

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I was hoping I would be out of the hospital before ski season started.


Evan and Chip were wrong.


My house is near the school.

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I wasn't unhappy.

Let somebody else do this.

I wrote many sentences in Esperanto.

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The roof of the hut groaned under the weight of the snow.

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Elvis is a smart girl.

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Are you sure you can handle it by yourself?

I remember what I saw.

Sundaresan was impressed with how well Jingbai could speak French.

When did he come over to see you?

Who has a better idea?

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I thought we came here to discuss a new deal.

Do you know why Marie came here today?

I was never in love with him.

I hope you found something in the end.

There's nothing that would please me more.


Are you coming back for me?

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I like pro wrestling.

I am decorating the classroom.

He had to leave his cat at home.


I told him to leave me alone.

I love you, Lord!

I'll ruin my clothing.

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

He is a scholar of French history.

America is beautiful.

Traveling is a lot of fun.

This isn't a good place to pitch a tent.

The soldier gave me water.


In Esperanto, green symbolizes hope.


Les is leaving town tomorrow.


Luis is such a nice boy!

When the sun goes down in the west, the lazy man works the best.

Cathrin heard something outside.


Looking out the window, I saw a car coming.


Tatoeba is a multi-language dictionary.


Kris and Kimberly got to be good friends.

We met at two in the afternoon.

I don't like that very much.