Please don't call me again.

Have you met all these people?


As we go up higher, the air becomes cooler.

Lila couldn't decide what to buy.

Must we already go? - Yes, the time has come.

Please reply as soon as you've read this email.

We're back to the drawing board.

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I read all the reviews.


I'm going to go with you.

Humans can't perform miracles.

Malaclypse is getting married tomorrow.

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Darryl brushes his teeth at least three times a day.

I didn't ask him to come here.

The wind has gotten stronger.


He was seriously injured in the car accident.

I am very hungry.

I wasn't expecting that to happen.

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Who says that simple things aren't good?

This shirt must go to the laundry.

I don't agree with Earnie on much.

It is waiting in the park at 7 o'clock.

When it's this cold, I don't like going outside.


Remember to meet me at the station.

He sat at the edge of the stream.

Now that I think about it, I must look threatening.

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He is as great a physicist as ever lived.

Presley speaks French better than I do.

Frost is frozen dew.

A Mr. Kimura is calling you.

Does he intend to help us?

A page came out of a book.

I intended to have become a teacher.

The newspaper declared for the Republican candidate.

I can't do this all by myself.

Floria stretched the clothesline between the trees.

Beginners should learn spoken English first.

Stu is coming next week.


He dropped a bunch of hard tasks on me.

Irwin never says thank you.

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Tollefsen turned the knob.

Germany adjoins the Netherlands.

How are things going with Louiqa?

Reid wondered what Tharen would say John.

Everybody was singing except me.

I'm afraid to be alone.

Well, we've finished at last.


The point is it's not funny.


Tomorrow we will attack again.

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Any house is better than none.

I demand the truth.

Natraj is in his room sleeping.

He made a speech.

Don't get rough with Moore.

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It must be hard.

I'm worried. Gabriel hasn't been talking to anyone since his sister's accident.

No said he would do his homework right after dinner.

What do people usually do around here after work?

He shot me.

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What was your first impression of me?


Won't you have some cake?

What did I ever do to her?

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

There's a good view of Mt. Akagi from upstairs.

This sentence seems to be grammatically correct.


My daddy and mommy are getting a divorce.

What'll you give him?

Something is happening.

The streets are covered with snow.

I've never asked you this before, but are you religious?

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I've missed something.

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Can I ride with you sometime?

I am sure I saw her two years ago.

You're way too good for her.


The news was a blow to him.


He visited Japan in the character of President.

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What do you care about school? You can go there tomorrow.

The duck quacks.

We're just scared.


Fortunately, Harv knows what the problem is.


When is the ship due to arrive?

He didn't tell me what the matter was.

Jacques is a Belgian name.


The money will be enough to carry me to Hong Kong.


If you have questions, ask away.


Oh, he eats like a bird.

Laurence gave Mann plenty to eat.

I'd like to find out where our meeting will be.

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The real heroes are us.

I can't catch my breath.

I certainly am going to miss Boston.

We've been friends for years.

There's no stopping Kenn.


I never want to retire.

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What's eating you now?


Following the accident he recovered quickly.


Gypsy has an automatic card shuffler.


How many times did you see the movie?


So there's no love lost between them then?


It is very hard to date this vase.


Why do you want Swamy?


If you're pretty, but single, then you're not pretty.


I'm sorry that I can't help you today.

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Being an only child, he was the sole heir.


The trees are full of fruit.

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I'd like to get started right away.

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Their way of thinking is old-fashioned.

I haven't had my picture taken for years.

Did it require a lot of work for you to learn Latin?

You should have told me that before.

Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are.

I had to tell him about us.

Takayuki felt as if a ghost or spirit had touched her back.


I'd like to be able to lend you some money, but I haven't got a brass razoo on me at the moment.

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He failed in business, and to make matters worse, his wife fell ill.

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Because of the storm, we weren't able to arrive at the appointed time.


When was the last time you brought your dog to the park?

If he is innocent, then his wife is guilty.

The poor people were at the mercy of the cruel dictator.

Who are those three women?

I'll be there in a while.


Dan and Linda were walking home.

Our stock prices have gone down 30%.

Elisabeth broke the point of the knife.


We don't know yet.

Juergen looks nothing like me.

You must save us.

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I haven't thought about Jos in a long time.

My house is old and ugly.

We tried to warn Ricky.

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Can we do this again?


Skef wasn't nice.

I thought we all had plans tonight.

This is a picture of me when I was three years old.


In any case, I should call.

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You don't know me at all.

Why are there so many solar panels in Germany?

It's up to you now.


That is such a lovely sound.


Yes, I'm in a hurry.

I think I'd better call her.

The plane is ready.

A pleasant trip to you!

He visits those who are sick.

President Johnson rejected the agreement.

Congratulations on the birth of your son.