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Next Thursday is a holiday.

And I will be a chicken which smells like a sloth!

Nothing is yellower than yellow itself.

Nou's desk is cluttered with papers.

We're mounting it!

In fact, he even loved her.

I need mine.

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He led people to the good land.


Where will it be OK to put this, I am uncertain.


However fast you may try to run, you will never beat a motorbike.

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Elwood is always smoking.

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The tongue of a cat feels rough.

Why aren't we helping Ti?

What's the maximum capacity of the food processor?

Does Leon know what you did?

When you've finished reading that book, please give it back to me.

I'm going to be around tomorrow afternoon, so please drop in.

Give me a break, would you?


All the young dogs run quickly.


I couldn't see him when I went out. I thought "She must have gone".

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Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!

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I've done some things.

Elwood doesn't know the reason Sir is absent today.

Bud can speak French better than Jorge.

The floor is covered with a thick carpet.

Why don't you give it up?

Take a look at this map.

What are your measurements?

Have you already forgotten me?

What puerile behaviour! Grow up!


Police are warning people not to leave pets and children in cars in today's excessive heat.

Greece has made it illegal to take money out of the country.

Kim arrived back home safely.


Sitting next to me was a famous actor.

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Doing that would be stupid.

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She was wonderfully alive for her age.

If I had had a little more money, I would have bought it.

He is aching to go abroad.

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Ahmet is extremely stubborn.

Sometimes it's necessary to tell the truth.

Pigeons and hens are birds.


It's too early to go to bed.


Amigo doesn't know Dave.

Joe is no longer amused.

In the New Year, Liu's company give every employee a bag of flour.

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Have you ever been shot?

She had a beautiful smile.

I find myself being enthralled by her reaction each time I replay it.

I am in your hands.

He is going to run for the Presidency.

I doubt that Carolyn planned to spend so much time on that project.

Two pictures were doubled.


I want to know why you're here.

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Jeannie can explain.


He came to Tokyo in search of employment.

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Almost everyone I know knows how to swim.


I looked around for a mailbox.

We elected her mayor.

Serdar has been looking forward to this.

How do we explain this?

The line to the ticket office is very long.

She is a woman.

I think the death penalty is not a very effective way of trying to curb crimes.

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There must be some misunderstanding.

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Kazuhiro was in too much pain to speak.


I don't see anything wrong.

It's a funny story.

There is no likelihood of his getting well soon.


Try solving the problem.

I have a problem to deal with here.

Let's leave early in the morning, OK?

That smell could be rotting meat.

I am ashamed of my conduct.

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He had everyone howling with his stories of all his past bloopers.


It wasn't a problem.

I'm sorry for not being more supportive when you needed me to be.

The gardener turned out to be a murderer.

I had not waited long before he appeared.

It's easy to err once you lose your cool.


Dan wanted to live in Mexico.

Barbara can no longer be a member of our committee.

Something bad is going to happen.

Everyone was friendly to the new girl.

Where did he come from?

The food disagreed with him.

You don't love him, do you?


I've told you once already that you can't use my car this afternoon.

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You should be eating healthier food.

I have to go on with my life.

I hope Venkata can accomplish that.


I'm considering sticking around for a few more days.


You don't really care about me.

Now that we are all here, we can start the farewell party.

Why can't we be together?

Shahid decided to wait until Eva had some free time.

It should be interesting.


We didn't bring it back.

The enemy attacked furiously.

We've got the key.

That pair of pliers came in handy.

Is there anyone here who knew Woody?


Soohong is pretty good.

She bandaged his finger with a handkerchief.

Did Raymond know it?

Duane reluctantly agreed to go.

He's smoking more than ever.

Which part of the tour are you doing?

Lester was left with egg on his face when his powerpoint presentation was shown to contain serious flaws.


These shoes have lights in them.

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What a nice car you have! You must have paid a lot for it.

Syd survived.

The children sent their Christmas lists to the North Pole with the hope that Santa would read them.


You don't need to do anything you don't want to.

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Do you want me to go talk to Joanne myself?


It was Stan's idea to try it this way.


We'll find some other way to do that.

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I go up to the rooftop when I want to see the blue sky.

I exercise almost every day.

Sanford says he's snuggled with his girlfriend, but they haven't yet kissed.


The little boy was frightened and jumped down from the chair.


I can't afford a new coat.

The new contract was ratified by a majority of only 56 percent.

I wish I hadn't cried.


I don't know why Bernard is so busy today.


There was fear in her eyes.

Scot is quiet.

Nathan is clearly worried.


Free Caucasus!


She wore heart-shaped earrings.

I thought Stefan had changed.

If you don't keep your promises, people won't take you seriously.

Three people were killed in the accident.

Doyle might still be using it.

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I almost called Magnus again today.

The little child drools whenever he hears of something delicious.

Ed can't believe Sean really believes that.

You'll never guess what I saw this morning.

I'm usually not this busy.

Tell her I have a broken leg.

Toft looked so different after his haircut.

I think there has been some kind of mistake.

The red sash perfectly accessorizes her black dress.

Everything has been arranged.

I hope you're enjoying this.

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Remember your promise, Leif.


Juliane knew that Harold was tired.

Everybody wants to be loved.

I've known them my whole life.