Do you take me for an idiot?!


I'm homeschooled.

I didn't take a shower.

They are boring me!

The onus is on the teacher to make sure the student is actually learning something.

Seth loves it.

Donal has gotten married.

Benjamin doesn't have a car. He just uses Christian's.

The beach is the ideal place to play for the children.

"So I can go?" "Run."

Being spoken to by a foreigner, I did not know what to do.

I wasn't going to mention it.


I don't understand the way that he thinks.

I need you to come with me.

The patient needs to be looked after by a doctor. And the sooner the doctor looks after him, the better.

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Fans found guilty of bad behaviour will be fined and excluded from attending future matches.

I consider my driving skills to be above average.

It costs $100 a night not counting tax.


Didn't you see the man?

I got through with my dignity intact.

I don't like it when it's very hot.


I wanted a bigger discount.

I was quick tempered when I was young.

The typhoon will approach the Kanto district around two in the afternoon.

He doesn't look himself this morning.

Would you be interested in going to Boston with us?

His birthday party is to be held at three tomorrow.

This is a trivial matter.

Franklin got here first.

That motorcycle isn't expensive.

Ralf's great.

She dumped him.

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I left the computer on, but I was having dinner.

Come on, pick up the pace.

I was shaken.


Lindsey has done some unconventional things.

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Pick the one you like best.

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I loved high school.


Are you threatening me?

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Edward doesn't work here anymore.

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I don't think Linley wants to see me.

Ernst stole a base.

Forget about me.

I know Ross will do whatever you ask.

Natraj never was successful.

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Don't be disrespectful.


Rakhal finished the job in three days.


Giovanni asked if you'd be there.


It's not like you to be late.

Hume got hurt.

I know you like sports.


Although he had fewer supporters among the governing class, he was able to get the popular vote.

Sid is a very nice person.

Fred owns a hunting rifle.


We are involved in a legal wrangle over payments.


I knew my only chance was to trust my instincts.

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There's nothing more Metin can say.

I bid ten dollars for the old stove.

Did you tell Clay why you want to go to Boston?

Please, don't do it.

Let's do it for him.

Children's laughter could be heard in the distance.

Your soup's getting cold.


Mr Tanaka had trained sufficiently.


How nice of you to invite me along!

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I'm going to have a baby.

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It wasn't planned.

Are you sure you know what you're doing?

The speech was broadcast on the radio.

A rash appeared on his face.

Come on, do it for me, you're not going to die for meeting my parents.


I am tall.

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Every day Major took baskets full of bread to the poor and cared for the sick.


We should do that.


She doesn't like to sing a sad song.

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Gunter has very long hair.


My brother is suffering from a bad cold now.


Prices are rising.

There is no use discussing the matter further.

Let me know how it goes.

Are you going to help us tomorrow morning?

I'm impatient to see the new version of Tatoeba.

That program is still far from perfect.

Romulus was the son of Rhea Silvia.

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That's easy.

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Italo Calvino returned to Italy when he was still a child.

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June can run very fast.

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I need a big favor.


I think we should be able to go wherever we want to.

He was like a father to me.

I wish I had the courage to speak about my feelings.

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He has large blue eyes.

What exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind.

I work in a flower shop.

Has Anne ever been violent with you before?

That could take a long time.


I noticed the sale prices were written in red ink.

I'll try to keep myself together till I find myself in you.

You may have been right.


Don't shoot the devil in the back. You might miss.

The botanist studied the flora of the remote island.

I find his every word truly offensive.

Ernest respects his elders.

My sister has her hair done each week.

No matter what happens, I'll never tell.

They burst out laughing.

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It was their idea.


For general amusement, I'm wearing a mini-skirt today.

We go to school every day except Sunday.

They were both wise and incorruptible men.


Bruce closed the store.

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Sergiu likes her.


Get a load of this.

Don't look so grim.

Was Kenton able to get your car fixed?


Morris is dealing with the problem now.

You're doing it now.

The climate is changing.

It'll be hard to convince Dick not to do that.

I filled the pool with water.

What more could a man want?

This is a good job.

It confuses me how combs can become so tangled up in my hair.

You have soft hands.


Nobility is no guarantee of wisdom.

Does Patricia talk about us?

I'll take in the washing before it rains.


I will deal with this problem.

She's practicing the piano day and night.

How can you be contacted?

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Kit kept talking about Chris.


People who love doubt nothing, or doubt everything.


Henry didn't do anything to help Jayesh.


You're going to be OK.


I study Korean.

Barry knocked and Connie answered.

Cathrin has done more than enough.

You are old enough to know better than to act like that.

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


My uncle lives in an apartment.


I return walking.

Did I say that?

Dominick arrived shortly after 10 o'clock.

We've worked really hard on this.

I want you to come and get me.