Payment types - the choice is yours

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Expand Your Reach by 4x to 5x Current Payment Penetration



Reloadable MasterCard Provides Immediate Access to Funds

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Vendor Payments

Turnkey Virtual Payment Processing Solution

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Payments w/ Mortgages & Liens

Quickly and smoothly clear claims with mortgages

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Michele M., policyholder

“The people at the store were intrigued by the card and wondered if their insurance company offered something similar. I told them that I love the card. I probably sold you a few insurance policies in the process.”

– Michele M., policyholder
Mary R, adjuster

“I just talked to my insured and he was thrilled that he had his personalized card in 2 days. It came before anything else.”

– Mary R, adjuster
Tina K., policyholder

“Everyone uses debit cards – this makes everything so much easier.”

– Tina K., policyholder
Antonio S., adjuster

“Being able to reload an existing card is great for the insureds. They get their money so much faster.”

– Antonio S., adjuster