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Anita has just been through a lot.

Let me tell you about them.

The average of 3, 4 and 5 is 4.


The shark, being very old and suffering from asthma and heart trouble, was obliged to sleep with his mouth open.

Gregge began trombone lessons when he was twelve years old.

Syed didn't live a long life.

He drinks only for the sake of getting drunk.

We could hear the groans of the injured man.


He sent me an urgent telegram.


He died in prison.

Spock lay in bed, unable to sleep.

She fell ill a week ago.

When we hear of a divorce we assume that it was caused by the inability of those two people to agree upon fundamentals.

Murat seems to be doing OK.

Marlena bent over to tie his shoes.

This is our land.

He speaks both English and French.

My daughter does not talk back these days; she must have turned over a new leaf.


Tal wanted Tommy to feel special.

I did not like the food, but I forced myself to eat it.

Elliott probably won't like me.


It's nice you found a girlfriend.


Scott isn't going to make it on time.


This man is a real freak!

The market tends to undermine the very values that gave rise to it.

Am I dreaming?

Where are my boots?

Reinhard plans to fight.

You will be famous.

Srikanth punished his children for what they did.


I found him lying on the bed.

That shirt doesn't go with those pants.

Why do you need a comb if you have no hair?

You knew Edith would be here.

I was your mother's first boyfriend.

Buckle your seatbelt.

I was just about to say that.

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Cultures have a coherent view of the world.


We had to compromise.


Chicks dig scars.

"I said that I wouldn't cry!" "It's okay, don't worry about it."

I'm a morning person.

Duncan is used to these sorts of situations.

He is now glad, now sad at the progress of the game.

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The economic of Japan grew up widely.

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I'm in my third month since it started and the flow is extremely heavy and my period is lasting up to 14 days.

Studying really isn't something easy.

Are you convinced?

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Have you ever seen an axolotl?

These facts support my hypothesis.

He has changed my life.


Anna was vacuuming the rug while Bruce was mopping the kitchen floor.

I thought your heart was made of stone.

Is it a compliment or an insult?

He works as a gym teacher.

They will take it.


I can't give you any more details at this time.

He said under oath that his birthplace is Italy.

I'm learning to play the clarinet.

He isn't smart enough to do mental arithmetic.

Isidore says that he has to go to Boston the day after tomorrow.


On a first date, it's best to steer clear of touchy subjects.

I wonder if Bobbie can babysit for us tonight.

I'll discuss it with her.

Don't you see what this means?

Can I see them now?


What's that you have in your left hand?

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We were directly in the path of the storm.


Ricardo was ashamed of you.

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"I don't like carrots." "Neither do I."


I expect Terrance will be late.


This is my hat in the summer.

How much severance pay did you get?

Can you come at ten on May second?

Randolph could be a flight risk.

Kit asks me the same question every day.


Shall we eat anything?


On the political level the response was the nationalist and fundamentalist revolt of the Maccabees.

This isn't the way to Darren's house.

Our two heroes having deserted this sentence, their adventures seemed to be willing to end precisely with this word.

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Have you ever encouraged your children to go on a diet?

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I don't think that's why Chet isn't here.

I knew Michel would accept our offer.

He lied about the matter.


You don't want to go to Boston, do you?


Win seems to be about to ask another question.


He'll be asleep.


I like swimming and playing football.

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I've already said no.


He made me attend the party in his place.

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Patricia used to be in a relationship with Jonathan.

The robin is one of the most well-known songbirds living in the United Kingdom.

He is not able to know the truth.


Individuality is stressed in the Western world.

I don't remember them.

You have to turn left at the second light.

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Nate cleared his throat nervously.

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Tell Rakhal not to come.


Weld The outer edge to match the one provided on the plate.

I don't want sugar.

She doesn't talk to me anymore.

Jiri had forgotten it.

Intonation is very important. It can completely change the meaning.

It wasn't safe anywhere.

Maarten can't remember the last time he ate dinner with his family.


Juergen sometimes comes to see me.

This car of yours is a real gas guzzler.

This car is resistant to rust.

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More than 90% of people who go on a diet and dip below their body's natural weight will eventually gain that weight back.

We should decide today.

Did you walk from the bus?

I don't want to go near them.

I would like a sugar bowl like hers!

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What are you doing here, Dan? I want you to leave.

We've taken a hit. Trivial damage.

They fought against the enemy.


Dan had lunch outside with Linda.

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How many passengers can this plane hold?


The fourth period was moved up to the third.


Many drivers have a cavalier attitude towards the rules of the road.

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That is completely useless.

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Do you trust Plastic?


I hope you like this gift.

I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt.

Matthias fed the dog.

A whole car fits into the blind spot.

They were arguing about who should sit in front.


That bicycle isn't his.


Do you trust Claire yet?

We should do our utmost to establish world peace.

My language is very complicated.

I hope this goes well.

Do you recycle?

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No one knows exactly how many people considered themselves hippies.

Vincenzo always asks for Rand's opinion.

Claire picked up the towel and folded it.

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

I simply haven't the time to do everything I want to do.

She chuckled.

There was a huge earthquake today, but thankfully everyone in the family is safe and well.

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I know that girl from somewhere.

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This desk was too heavy for Patty to lift.

Take the jug to the cellar.

I don't know if he's still alive.

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

He belongs to a big family.