WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Top of the line electronic cigarettes that fit the needs of new and seasoned vapers.



Joyetech atomizers feature convenience and cloudchasing.



Hand-crafted in California USA, our e-liquids are delicious and fit every palet.


Joyetech USA is one of the official distributor and online retailer of Joyetech in North America. We are headquartered in Irvine, CA with the goal of providing our customers with excellent products, rapid delivery, great prices, and world-class customer service. All of our e cigarette and vaporizer products come with an industry leading 90 day warranty. Joyetech USA is your one stop e cigarette and e liquid destination for your favorite vaping products such as the eVic VT, eGo ONE, eGrip, eCom Mega, eVic Supreme, Delta Atomizer Series, Our World Famous E liquids, and many more!

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  • There is no safe cigarette, whether traditional or electronic. However, the products that we manufacture here at Joyetech provide a safe vaping or electronic cigarette vaporization experience. Our products are manufactured with safety in mind. There is no substantial data of whether or not electronic cigarettes are completely safe, however it does not produce the harmful carcinogens that traditional cigarettes produce. There can also be considerations regarding second hand smoke facts that do not quite correlate with the emission of e cigarette vapor smoke. Our e liquids are made from chemically safe ingredients including: vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and natural flavor extract. We also use natural ingredients to maintain the perfect vaping flavor every time.

    Our e cigarettes are manufactured with the highest quality, fail-safe chipsets to prevent overheating, explosion, combustion and fire damage. We hold our products in high regard to ensure that the user has a safe and pleasant vaping experience.

    Please note, Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping are not clinically proven to be safe for inhalation.
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  • Although there isn't enough substantial evidence that E Cigarettes prove to help traditional cigarette smokers quit, it can serve as an alternative. E Cigarettes emit a vapor when heated up, creating a smoke effect hence the name vaporization or vaping. You get the added benefit of removing carcinogens that stay in your lungs for many years, and the many harmful chemicals including but not limited to: ammonia, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, cyanide, arsenic and etc. There is no safe cigarette. E Cigarettes are NOT a clinically proven substitute to smoking. E Cigarettes are only an alternative at the user's discretion. Consult your physician for tips on helping you quit, and to see whether or not e cigarettes are the right alternative for you.
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  • Like a light bulb, the filament in the atomizer will eventually fail. The life of an atomizer depends on how much it is used. On average, an atomizer will last for a few weeks to a couple months. If a person is a heavy vaper, the life cycle will be shorter. For light vapors, it may last longer. With proper care any atomizer can last a long time. If you're going to switch to electronic cigarettes, you have to budget buying new atomizers to replace your expired atomizers.
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  • • Fold your paper towel over a few times and set it on your non porous work surface.

    • Stand your atomizer (threaded size down) on your paper towel.

    • Drip 10 drops of eliquid into the top of the atomizer.

    • Let the atomizer stand there for around 10 minutes. You will want it to stay standing up. This will make sure all the internal parts of the atomizer are soaked in eliquid, and will help loosen up any dried primer. After the 10 minutes most of the excess eliquid will have drained out the bottom of the atomizer. But there may still be a little bit to much in the atomizer to use right now.

    • Pick up the atomizer and with the paper towel still under the threads, place your lips around the top of the atomizer, and blow through the atomizer lightly. You do not want to blow very hard. You are not trying to blow out all of the eliquid, just the excess.

    • Now wipe the threads clean and dry.

    • Screw the atomizer on our battery.

    • Place your drip tip on the atomizer and enjoy your vape.

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  • If you only get the burnt taste every once in a while or at the beginning it may be due to a dry atomizer. When this happens inhale on the device without pressing the button for a few times ( it brings fresh liquid into the atomizer without burning it ), afterwards use as one normally would once by pressing the button when inhaling( this clears the excess liquid from the atomizer ) , then repeat these steps a few times ( repeating helps to clear out the burnt residue ). If this fails then it may need to be cleaned or replaced. See our cleaning instructions in the below category.
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