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#This figure is an estimate of the interest saved over 25 years of the client's new loan compared to the estimated interest cost of the previous loan. The figures assumes interest rates, minimum repayments and repayment amounts do not change for the life of the calculated results. No other fees or associated costs were included in the calculation.

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    • View Pre Negotiated home
      loan deals
    • Access to number of lenders in the
    • Face to face in-person meeting with
      mortgage broker at your convenience
    • Genuine ratings and reviews on
      brokers from other borrowers
    • Ask a home loan question online
      and receive answers from mortgage
      experts within minutes
    • Access to specialty
      financing solutions
    • Access to 80+ lenders
    • 7 days a week
  • Online brokers/
    Comparison websites

    • Access up to 20
      sponsored or partnered lenders
  • Typical
    banks & brokers

    • Sometimes, but you would
      have to negotiate yourself.
    • Up to 30 lenders from
    • Sometimes, Available
      only on weekdays.
    • Sometimes
  • Online brokers/

  • Typical
    banks &

    • Sometimes
    • 80+ lenders
  • Online brokers/

    • 20 lenders
  • Typical
    banks & brokers

    • 30 lenders
  • Online brokers/

  • Typical
    banks & brokers

    • Sometimes
  • Online brokers/

  • Typical
    banks & brokers

  • Online brokers/

  • Typical
    banks & brokers

  • Online brokers/

  • Typical
    banks & brokers

    • Sometimes

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Photo of HashChing customer Wayne
Wayne Merwood

Being heard as a customer is a very big thing for me and I felt validated. I felt like I wasn't just another number...

(803) 446-9484
Photo of HashChing customer Simon in front of his home
Simon Jeffery

$8,000 saved interest over 12 months and my payments went from $800 a week down to $490 a week...

Photo of HashChing customer Michael with wife and children
Michael Silvka

As soon as you do your application online they straight away reply and then within twenty-four hours you get a broker contacting you...

(832) 602-9453
Photo of HashChing customer Belinda
Belinda Gibson

With HashChing, the marketing is HashChing’s expense and we’re getting the benefit of the leads coming through.It’s also added to our database where we can directly market to those clients...

Photo of HashChing customer George
George Kozah

So I joined HashChing because I wanted to scale my business. We’ve been receiving consistent leads that has helped us grow our revenue...

(818) 339-7471
Photo of HashChing customer Collins
Collins Mayaki

It's seen me from going from settling from about 3 million to five to six million dollars a month. We have received over 300 clients since I've joined HashChing. So that's basically 300 clients I wouldn't of never had access to...

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