She poked her nose into her sister's business.

They have developed a privacy policy that covers how they collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information.

I feel for what you're going through.

Please call Laurianne and tell him that.


I'm gonna be in my room.

I'm going to the men's room.

To a willing person, injury is not done.

Stuart hurt his knee.

I think this is a good rule.

He's not used to it.

I thought Archie was going to hit me.

The proof is trivial and left to the reader.

I'd like to get you both to help me.


We'll never do it.

How about another cup of coffee?

Maybe this was all meant to happen.

She isn't at home now.

I'm ready to go back home.

Howard seldom makes mistakes.

As there was a fly in my coffee, I didn't have to pay the bill.


Mostly likely, he's come back from the workshop.

I've got homework to do.

He was petting the dog.


We can't delay this any longer.


He parties too hard.

Business has really slowed down.

I bought the black bike instead of the red one.

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Girl, come forward!

Can I get you a cocktail?

I bet you're busy.


I didn't want to live in Boston.

Naoto does like you. I'm sure of it.

Cyrus reluctantly went.

The student council discussed plans for the graduation.

Tokyo is the most expensive town in the world.

Don't try to carry too much.

Learn what you can.

Do you still have the notes I gave you?

The rapid spin of the Earth along with the liquid, hot metallic core causes a magnetic field to surround the Earth.

He said he was angry, and that he wanted to go home to eat dinner.

Seemingly impossible things sometimes happen.

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I never got to finish my lunch.

He asserts that she is innocent.

Give me a glass of water, please.

We have had a bad time.

You're not anything like us.

I want to be able to speak English.

None of us knew the answer.

I have made many sacrifices for my country.

He did it simply out of curiosity.

You'll get hurt.

They will need credit for their mobile phones.

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He is not as lazy a student as you think.


He looks bored.

As a boy I used to lie on my back and look at white clouds.

I am a completely happy human being!


He retired to his own room after supper.


Jeannie just got back from Australia.


Can you repeat that?

I apologize for being late.

I'm seeing somebody.


To really succeed, you must enjoy eating poison.


I'm counting on you.

We do like them.

I've heard of it.

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You're the one who wanted to talk to Merril, not me.


There wasn't enough.


It was a hard slog for Teresa to raise her two children as a single parent.

As far as the eye could see, nothing could be seen except cornfields.

Whatever goes up must come down.

Mr. Suzuki's classes are interesting, but his stories always get sidetracked, so we never make any good progress in our textbooks.

His words had a great effect on my life.

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But did you receive the messages?


It's my way or the highway.

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Just ask Konstantinos to give it back.

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I told you to watch your mouth!

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What is a meteor?


I guess so.

We haven't yet finished what we have to do.

Rudy is getting ready for bed.

Today, the locomotive is pushing the cars in the train.

Ima is milking the cow.

I've explained that to them.

What a bizarre story!

You've got to be careful or else you'll miss it again.

Nobody would listen to me.


Sandra is wearing a pirate costume.

Jeannette said that he would come tomorrow.

She quoted a poem by Keats.

The friends spent a lot of money on their shopping trip.

Milk has to be kept at a relatively low temperature.


I couldn't imagine translating without the internet.

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I was asked to cooperate with them for the criminal investigation.

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Wilson is helping me right now.

I'm worried about everybody.

Does this building have an elevator?

He's meeting with a Japanese girl.

Do you want me to try talking to her?

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Chastity extended the youth.


They generally paid a visit on Sundays, after dinner.

We're decisive.

I'm ready to leave now.


Quitting my office job was a leap in the dark.

What's up with you today?

Rusty only does the bare minimum.


Have you ever thought about moving to Boston?


We can't leave until you wrap the presents up.

Bill missed the first ball.

Every once in a while I study Esperanto.


I hate that idea.

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Mann is the only one that really matters.

They're all older than you.

Did anybody see Ramsey leave?

The function of the heart is to pump blood.

The book was banned in several countries.

What has become of him?

You're not easy to find.

My father charged me with the duty of taking care of my sister.

I haven't decided what to do yet.

He's now short of money.

I never meant to have you pay the bill.

I loved you once.

Oh look, a caterpillar!

That is just not possible.

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December are the twelve months of the year.

I just want to say that I believe you.

Science has made rapid progress in this century.


Floria is honest, isn't he?


Let's keep our priorities straight.


I think Roxane has a valid point.

Executive departments and agencies should offer Americans increased opportunities to participate in policymaking and to provide their Government with the benefits of their collective expertise and information.

I tried to talk to Alfred, but she ignored me.

Kees looked after our dog while we were away.

The expansion of the Roman Empire wiped out a considerable number of the original European languages.

The lake is ten miles about.

I owe them for this.

Arthur got some more bad news.

Here's my account number.


I'm trying to work out this problem.


Erick won't talk about it.


I don't want you to harass them.


There's a difference.

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Can you tell Jane and her twin sister apart?

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There are no spoons.

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This sofa is in no way comfortable to sit in.

Try to act naturally.

Nothing happened to him.

Franklin doesn't like having to admit that he can't read.

You should awake to your responsibilities.

Coffee comes after the meal.

I like winter better than summer.

The elevator is broken. You need to walk 7 floors up to the rooftop terrace.

As well.

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Chet also needs to fill out this form.