What time do you leave work?

Do you have to stay?

The water is shallow at this point.


I highly recommend it.

It was impudent of him.

Roderick skipped many important details.


I think you impressed Catherine.

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I spend most of my time at home.

Sridharan said he didn't kiss Casey.

Doyle's house is on the other side of the river.

Whenever I'm sad, I stop being sad and start being awesome instead.

Maybe I should have a talk with Gordon.

Who told us to do that?

I want to talk to the famous pianist before his concert.

Julia kisses her daughter.

A self-proclaimed democrat, who is lucky enough to live in a democratic country, but who constantly swears at politicians without committing himself to politics, has probably not understood the word "Democracy".

I don't think Anthony was involved in the scandal.

This phone has a quad-core processor.

Old age isn't pleasant.

I'll go swimming with Sanity tomorrow afternoon.

It was an informal meeting.

I am a student, and you?


He's a wonderful scholar.

We can't ignore this anymore.

Bottles of beer are made of glass.

I never promised anybody anything.

It may not come to that.

I assume you can speak French.

It's freezing.

That means a lot to me.

I had always wanted a son.

Maybe Larry went out with Bert.

Heidi lost it.

Ask Karl to be quiet.

Since I had met him once before, I recognized him right away.

Tell her that I am repairing the refrigerator.

Which information are you talking about?

I'm going back for them.

Ramon doesn't really like Oscar.

The general meeting began at 9 am on the dot.

The operation was successful.

Do you have any idea why?

He objected to the opinion of his manager.

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The translator identifies himself with the author's beliefs.

Here are the keys.

Satan's ghost awakes.

I'll let you know when we come to the station.

I've seen Griff do it before.

He was very fun.

Does your school have a library?

Dalton kept me waiting for thirty minutes.

I know that Mayo went to Boston.


Hey, I should get your number.

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How was that?

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I'm staying at Vladimir's house.

They're here to protect her.

He got them to reject it.

He is, so to speak, a grown-up baby.

How much money does he possess?


We didn't learn a thing.

My towel is covered in red ants!

The secretary put the letter into the envelope.

I hope today's ball game won't be canceled.

Mechael has changed a lot since then.

Mr Brown teaches at Harvard.

I think I'd like some more coffee.

We plowed the field.

He checked out of the hotel.

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Some stars are hardly visible to the naked eye.


I feel like I'm dreaming.

I needed a little air.

You haven't told anybody, have you?

Are you going to hurt them?

His ambiguous reply made her all the more irritated.

I was treated like a child by them.

At least you pulled a guy.

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That is why I am angry with him.

Not even you can dampen my spirits right now!

You did a very good job.

Brenda was satisfied with how things turned out.

I phone him every day.

I asked Kikki if he wanted to go and he said no.

They are always believing a groundless rumor.

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I could've done better.

Tomorrow is payday.

It was him that broke the window yesterday.

Do you have a petting zoo area?

I like you better than my last girlfriend.


It is highly probable that the deletion of element C will still yield the same result.

The rapist showed no signs of remorse during his trial.

He looked bewildered.

The Second World War started in 1939.

That's just fine.


I read my books, you yours, and Marcos his.

Every available car was being used.

I'm a visual person.

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The lotus has not just a flower but also a fruit.

Shame on you for getting so flustered. You looked ridiculous.

They speak about the sponsor even in these days.

Sriram's eyes lit up.

Can I buy things here duty-free?


I know when Vinod was killed.

This is a secret just between you and me, so don't let it slip out.

Sam sat down to wait.


Please look after my luggage.

My brother makes it a rule to look over the newspaper before going to his office.

Seymour is all mine.

Thanks for accepting my friend request on Facebook.

Caroline Herschel lived to be 98 years of age.

I'm not very good at making pizza, but Miriamne is.

I stated the obvious.

I asked Antonella if dinner was ready.

Morgan has already signed up for that class.

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I owe everything I know to her.

It would be a pity if such a word disappeared.

She gave me moral support.

I know this isn't what we talked about.

She goes to the beauty salon at least once a week.

His wife comes from California.

Erik wanted to drop out of school.

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We held hands, once.

Speaking medically, I advise you to lose weight.

Accountants love spreadsheets.

I wasn't aware of that.

Varda scares easily.

I was told you wouldn't be at the meeting.

He's shorter than his brother.


Are Pim and John brothers?

Andreas relapsed on heroin.

I think if I talked more often with a native speaker, my English skills would improve quickly.


My brother was so absorbed in reading that he did not notice me when I entered the room.

He uses an old-style razor, with shaving cream, for a closer shave.

Let them decide.


Vincent accepted the job as janitor at the local high school.

We shall leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

This can is leaking.

She gained 500 dollars in the deal.

Hold your horses, Chris.

I couldn't hear anything you said.

Everybody hates Dan's arrogant attitude.

Perhaps the weather will get better tomorrow.

They became very nervous.

This rice cooker uses fuzzy logic.

The rumor was without foundation.

I have always liked that record albumn.

How many languages are spoken on Earth?

Stanley, there's a call for you.

As I am ill, I will not join you.


She was noted for her good looks at school.


The students didn't remember what they read in that book.

What are you smirking about?

Lawrence knows my number.

The children understand everything.

I do not remember seeing the letter, but perhaps I read it.

The coat is not mine.

In Japan, a beautiful city was built as early as the eighth century.


He does not speak unless he is asked to.

Can you translate those documents for me?

Phill doesn't look impressed.


We're not being sued.

Do not annoy me!

The girl Earnie was chatting with fainted.

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Maybe Craig is lying.

Piete still doesn't realize anything might be wrong.

Tobias is a detective.

I didn't let them go home early.

Everyone must protect their own family.

Omar says grace before eating.

I'll see you before I go.


I still haven't thanked you for the other day. I really appreciate it.