The yeti chased up back to our car and we drove away as fast as we could.

The road is damaged.

Stop spinning in that chair!

I can't stand it anymore.

There's nothing like digging up money, it's good fun.

Thank you very much for the consideration you will give to our request.

According to today's morning paper, the condemned criminal committed suicide.

Do you think that's going to happen?

She broke with Cecil before going to Greece.

When was the last time you rented a house?

I'm not interested in having a boyfriend at this point.

Miki sends his regards from the other side.

Come this way. It's shorter.

That building must be on fire.

You discovered my biggest weakness: excruciating pain.

This is a priceless masterpiece.

My father didn't eat.


Could I have a glass of water, please?


You were eavesdropping.


Ofer doesn't make pie crust. She usually buys it pre-made.

She seems to have seen the very accident.

Why would Cory come back?

You could always hand off some of the work to the junior staff.

Japan is in East Asia.

My dream came true.

Place this book back where it was.

Do you know what PDF stands for?

Women automatically lose interest in him after exchanging a couple of words.


Let's rest a little bit.

What did you have for lunch?

She's interested in fashion.

I've never seen her so busy.

The eyes themselves can become selective, ignoring part of what is there, and the brain sometimes insists on seeing things that don't exist at all.

Is it far from here to ___?

I want you to work with us.

God knew donkeys so He hasn't given them horns.

I have an important announcement to make.


This isn't a dog, it's a fox.


I want to go overseas.

Do you love me? Do you really love me?

Are you sure you're ready to go?


What you do is up to you.

Isn't it a mild winter this year? Makes life easier.

Can you do the job or not?

Go with the truth.

I think something happened to Gene.


When will we arrive at Barcelona?

It might sound crazy, but I think I'm still in love with Marshall.

The police officer placed Sugih under arrest.

Trevor is quite prejudiced, isn't he?

I'm getting a weird feeling Terri wants to move to Albuquerque.

I saw Skeeter sitting in front of a mirror brushing her hair.

I just need to know Dean is safe.

The forest is in a better state of preservation.

They kissed in the rain.

Let's buy something nice for Dana.

There are some depressions in the road.


We need some help here.

They sat around the table to play cards.

Gregge and Carlo talked over a cup of coffee.

Win knew that Huashi was tired.

I am sneezing.

What you're doing now is unnecessary.

Marc rested for a while.


Let's do this some other time.

No matter how often I tell her, she keeps making the same mistake.

I cannot bake bread. I don't have an oven.

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What happens if we don't catch Kinch?

I am tired.

You get out of class?

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I know something Spock doesn't know.

Kimmo became interested in music because his neighbor was quite a musician.

We just couldn't do that.


Happy days go by fast.

Only when I got sick as a kid that I could eat as much ice cream and jello as I wanted and not get yelled at.

They live in Belfast.

I'll be in Boston by this time tomorrow.

I taught my sister how to drive.


This camel is so tame that anyone can ride it.

Louiqa continued to talk to Ira.

Can you come home early today?

Robot technology advanced to the point where biological, organic parts became essential components.

I kind of liked you.


Lars likes fried chicken.

Is there anything else we need to do?

Are you sure there's no other way to do this?

It's been five years since that book was made into a movie.

Meat and eggs have a lot of protein.


Brandy is quite rude, isn't he?

Fried food does not agree with me.

Heinz likes to read English subtitles while watching movies in English.

Read these instructions.

Alright! Listen up and listen well!


I can't believe I actually have that much money in the bank.

I need to leave for a while.

You can count on me any time.

Who's going to clean up tonight?

I can't express how grateful I am.

I've got to be very careful, Brandy.

This place is very dirty.

Lucius doesn't like oranges.

The teacher is going to start learning English this year.

I absented myself from the meeting.

We'll probably need to talk to someone else.

I knew Kristen was dead.

Today we have many new translations in Galician and Basque.

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Lots of girls like Tai.

We must rescue the environment from pollution.

Yoko avoided answering my question.


I prefer going out to staying home.

I had little to do with it.

I don't want her to get upset.


From that day on, we helped him learn Japanese.

She sowed her field with barley.

Masanobu will bring help.

You better be honest with me, or else I'll tell our mother.

To be a good teacher, you must know how to make the most of what your students have.

"Gang Wives" is a Yakuza movie released in 1986 by Toei Distribution Network.

I was interviewed for a job.

You said you'd help us.

What do you think's causing the problem?

My boss says one thing and means another.

Do all plants carry out photosynthesis?

How can I make you understand?

The first virtue of a painting is to be a feast for the eyes.


I told them I'd changed my mind.


I told Scot what he had to do.


Enjoy yourself at the ball.

She didn't want to get involved.

In English, the usual sentence structure is Subject - Verb - Object/Complement.

If he had any friends or any credit, we undertook that he should lose them.

Tell him everything.

I think that he is right.

Huashi is about to get married for the third time.


Thank you, friend. You are fair and just.

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I'm Izumi's uncle.


Kylo wasn't tall enough to reach the top shelf.

Wastes have polluted portions of our water.

Leila's mind is obviously elsewhere.

I can't eat all this.

There are some things money can't buy.


I've always wanted to go to Turkey.

This book deals with psychology.

I just got here.

She smiled at me with friendly brown eyes.

Stay inside until I give the word.

I just want to get better.

I kissed her on her forehead.


I am sick of his long speech.

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He was bursting with fury.


I'll deal with that for you.

In our democracy, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which encourages accountability through transparency, is the most prominent expression of a profound national commitment to ensuring an open Government.

I often sit up late at night to read.


I don't even know if Milner has a girlfriend.

We can do whatever we want.

For all you say about him, I still like him.

I live in a block of flats.

Kee hasn't spoken to me about it yet.

That's why I brought you here.

Even your silence can be a part of prayer.


Turn off the air conditioner; it's cold in here.


Being a reporter is hard work.

I'll be responsible.

Claudia says he never thought about that.


The Doppler effect is also observed with light and with radiant energy in general.