Give me the diamonds.

I wish I could run as fast as Mara.

I've already seen to it.

Hiroyuki glanced at his watch.

I feel nauseous.

I've got some bad news.


Could we make this a priority?

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Thank you for your courtesy.

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That's a secret.

If he had worked harder, he might be a rich man now.

Do you prefer mussels or oysters?

Blood stains don't usually disappear.

Maybe someone made him do it.

You can't get there from here.

If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then forget about it.


This old trick still works.

He fixed the watch for me.

A student should not lose sight of his own identity.


I love working here.

I couldn't tell if you were mad or not.

Do you have someplace to go?

Butler did not seem too sorry.

I'll never make it.


The problem had to be faced.

I think you're pretty.

Glenn never gives up.

At what time did you go to sleep yesterday?

Leads's warned me about that.

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Ji certainly does a good job cleaning chimneys.

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Can I take a break now?

Dan was amazed by Linda's transformation.

Aren't you glad you're retired?


For all her wealth, she is not happy.

What a useful gadget!

Throw them out.

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You'd better leave now.

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I didn't compromise the evidence.

"Let's go to the movies, shall we?" "Yes, let's."

Marian followed Linley out into the hall.

I'm aware of the difficulties.

I enjoy classical music.


I hugged him tightly and cried.

I didn't want you involved in this.

Sergiu's handwriting isn't very good, but it's easy to read.

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Mann was talking nonsense.

As many as ten students stood up all at once.

He took advantage of the opportunity to visit the museum.


This cake tastes too sweet for me.

Kylo poured another glass of wine for himself.

When the concrete is hard, we use an electric drill instead of a pin chisel.


Could you tell me your name, please?


He married a stewardess.

Feed me, please.

He warned his sister about that man.

This must be signed in the presence of three witnesses.

Thanks a lot! I don't know what we'd do without you.


Would you recognize Caleb if you saw him?

He ate every bit of his dinner.

You are expected to put out lamps and heaters before you leave the office.

Theodore's parents ordered their son's tomb to be opened.

I still don't speak French very well.


I'm afraid Wendy had to leave.

My father is paying back a huge loan on our home.

He's my younger brother.

I have a high regard for the integrity of our mayor.

Jenine and Rod admire each other.

Drew bought a mobile phone.

Did Doug tell you that you could take it?


Today's not Christmas!

Cows eat grass.

What's your favorite season?

They don't want him back.

Some people believe that the world is flat.

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Pratt doesn't have any cash.

If there are houses nearby, a volcano can create a disaster.

Soohong asked me if I would help him move his piano.


It's still breathing.


You recovered quickly.

When was the last time you attended a conference?

Excuse me, what was the name again?

Upon hearing this news, I was left frozen, not knowing what to do.

Where shall I put my suitcases?


Roberta leaned forward to look at Liza.

Judith asked me when I would be going to Australia.

The mountains look nicer from a distance.

One has to forget this bad year.

My driving instructor says I should be more patient.

He felt perfectly content.

Jill looked at John sideways.

Jack took off his wedding ring.

Timo is not as shy as he used to be.


Laurel knew well that in all the sentences, the last word would always be for Piotr.

Did you recognize Ron?

They became acquainted with the routine.

I'm counting on you to be strong.

The smoke ascended into the air.

With a scream the spectators scattered.

The Green party is protesting loudly against nuclear power.

The bed creaked again.

Paola sent a telegram to Nathaniel.


Hohn likes Kimberly's younger sister more than he likes Raj.

Louie may not come.

He is rich and, moreover, well-born.

The Spanish fired first.

It doesn't make much sense to me that Raymond would be allowed to go, but Alf wouldn't be.


You pay me well enough.

Miki doesn't really believe that nonsense, does he?

Can I have a word with you?

What's the connection?

I'm sorry but I really don't have any time to spare right now.

Stop war! Start love!

This thread is thinner than a human hair.


I told Teruyuki I'd have to think about it.

The hockey referee intervened to stop the fight.

Even Dan was baffled.

She likes to read scientific articles.

There were some unexpected questions.


Is that musical coming to the West End?

I feel like someone is watching me.

I'm sure my family is looking for me.

Upon seeing what was happening, we decided to leave.

I told Michel he should tell Barney he didn't want to see her anymore.

We wanted to talk about him.

Tell her that I am just joking.

I asked her what was wrong.

The floor was swimming with blood.

We all felt awful.

I'd like to do some traveling.

Ruin is inside us.

Who was that man waiting outside?


Nobody's right all the time.

We are teachers.

What would you have done in Izumi's place?


Michiel said that he wanted to forget her.

Ikeda made several silly mistakes, and so he was told off by the department head.

Syed wasn't surprised that Kevan was asking him for a divorce.

Why do you doubt yourself?

The TV is off but it is still warm.


Some children are swimming in the river.

You've got to do better next time.

I don't want Pascal to hear about this.

We should go back to the ship.

You've got a pretty good memory.

Judith couldn't talk very well.

We are going to the mountains.


Light is resolved by a prism into seven colors.

I'm very impressed to read your profile.

Many people were plunged into distress by the news.


The number of visible stars is very great.

We're running out of time.

Norm asked Sridhar to mind her own business.


Dan wants me to stop writing.

I have to dry my hair.

Margaret neither reads nor writes.

You had better ask the doctor for advice.

He died in their arms.

The story is full of holes.

The new Scottish Parliament is inaugurated.

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There our five people in our family.

What do you believe now?

She is very afraid of the dark.

You must really like Lievaart.

Kelly slept restlessly.

I was disappointed by your article.

I'm not going to school on Saturday.