As we don't use these things, we give them to whoever needs them.

Piet is productive, isn't he?


Everybody wanted to know why Miriam quit his job.

They gave us a warm greeting.

That is the same skirt as I bought yesterday.

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I'm not satisfied with the results.

She has an eye for the beautiful.

I saw you give it to them.

I'd be happy if that happened again.

Mara deserves better.

After days of warm weather, it became cold.

Could I have a second with Cory?

I am learning to speak Filipino.

Someone's calling.

Have you ever heard Raymond speak French?

He is bound to pass the entrance examination.

Klaudia's bruises are barely visible.

Who is responsible for this class?

There's no need to prove it.

It is too difficult to choose.

I want some cake.

If something happens, feel free to call me.


I wish you all good luck.


You need to get some help.

Our dog is called Johnny.

What do you mean by 'White Anglo-Saxon'? Have there ever been any black, yellow or red Anglo-Saxons?

Drew seems like a very nice man.

I think Rich might be tired.

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I went to see him.

Emily knew Leila didn't like him.

Did Jakob arrive on time?

Nothing changed.

Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the marriage of your son.


Haven't you seen the plans?

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You have no idea how to do this, do you?

That's what Moses would say?

You should always keep the room clean.

This doesn't look good.

Guitar bands are on their way out.

He's my son.

This is an impossible task.

It never snows in this country.

You can play outside if you want to.


Slow down. You're driving too fast.

I haven't taken a shower in three days.

He was painfully thin.

How long have you been playing the trumpet?

Clarissa never said he would babysit for us.

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Kanthan helped me along.


Kris is here with us.

Eileen needs some rest.

I'm supposed to pick you up.

You have two younger brothers.

The car is grey.

May I come along with you?

Patty remained perfectly still.

Rock is the music of the young.

They said they hadn't seen anyone.

The prime minister will make an announcement tomorrow.

That's a story I don't want to talk about.

It is astonishing to witness that the Iranians, onto whom the Arabs imposed Islam through military defeat, have become its most zealous followers to the point of oppressing those of Zoroastrianism, though it is the religion of their own fathers. A kind of Stockholm syndrome on the national scale.

He is neglecting his health.

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Do you have any more great ideas?

Everything was in order until he came.

He made an official visit to the French president the day before yesterday.

I want to have a word with Larry.

It's normal to be worried.

I take my camera with me wherever I go.

I think this translation is incorrect.

Religion is the opium of the people.

Is it windy outside?

When you hear her stories you really must take them with a pinch of salt.

You're a good father.

Why don't they say something?

He's just a liar.

As Dorian sat down, he bumped the table and his coffee spilled onto the tablecloth.

I got a rash on my hands from dishwasher detergent.

You kept putting off working on the fine details on this project so it ended up lacking the finishing touches.

Gil doesn't want to take part in the ceremony.

My parents are crazy.

Anatole likes oranges.

The children are visitors.

Elsa went into his bedroom.


If you're finished reading that book, I'd like to borrow it.


Rajeev works the lunch shift.

Please come with us.

Linda can dance as well as Meg.

They'll get along just fine.

I've got time.

Those damnable pigeons have again dirtied my car.

I had a premonition.

You have to beware of strangers.

How long do they wish to spend here?

Gregge isn't in a good mood today.

I've probably heard of him somewhere.

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What are their names?

Elliot is very greedy, isn't he?

She doesn't like to use a writing brush.


We'll all soon be drunk.


She wanted to help them.

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She bought an album for me.

He was satisfied to know the result.

This is beyond ludicrous.

Janet was furious at Ron.

This afternoon I will study at least two hours.

You're pretty calm cool and collected for somebody who has a major presentation tomorrow.

You don't have to speak perfect English. Broken English is OK as long as you can make yourself understood.

This is a coincidence.

I didn't find anything better.

The herb used in that pasta sauce might be parsley.

Don't hang out with her.

I didn't know Brooke was a singer.

Tatoeba is starting to look like one of Borges' labyrinthine libraries.

She annoys us with the noise of her hairdrier.

Jacob didn't know what Sangho wanted him to buy.

I'm glad I hired you.

Don't panic.

Everybody laughed at me.

It fascinates many that Prince William would marry a commoner.

You have to share the cake equally.

Don't believe him.

Ahmed is devoted to his work.

Marian is going to be here any minute now.

Shouldn't we wait for Marguerite?

Is that you, Omar?

There are few apples in the basket.

So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.


Alejandro came here today by bicycle.


You were a soldier during the war, right?

My father gets along with his friends.

How's your schedule looking?

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Bonnie tried his best to cover his tracks so he could save face.

Can you get Monday afternoon off?

Annie was shot in Boston.

Your tap water is too hard. Get a water softener.

She uses rude words.

I have plenty of time, but not enough money.

You can only drink water from the water dispenser.


What's important isn't which university you've graduated from, but what you learned while you were there.

I have hope.

I think I see the problem.

You won't believe what I just saw.

I might be back.


Is this clock working?


Money cannot compensate for life.

I want to know you.

Anton has come back from Boston.

Nikolai is really mad.

After the bushfires, we have independently decided to call off this year's fireworks display.

Meerkats live in Africa.

Who raised these pigs?

The bridge is low.

In Brazil the prevalence of Asperger's Syndrome may reach 0.5%.

Morris was a bit puzzled by Brodie's answer.

This is a tree.

When did you go?

The chances of being attacked by a shark are very low, especially in a pool.

It's always worth a try.

With one blow of the axe, he killed the calf, and with the second split its brain.

Don't talk to your mother that way.

"Who will be coming to the party?" "A few friends and four or five colleagues."


Everybody makes mistakes. That's why they put erasers on pencils.

Let's do one thing at a time.

Randell showed me the poems that he'd written when he was a teenager.

Is Ping your brother?

Money is a good servant but a bad master.


We are writing to inform you that Mr Koichi Ohara has been appointed as Manager of the Technical Department in succession to Mr Taro Iida.

I don't like these cups; I prefer those on the table.

She is wearing accessories.

You must talk with him about the matter.

Guard against the danger of fire.

I'm not sure how often I should be taking this medicine.

I don't like hearing myself talk.

This TV show is aimed at children.

Amir has a nice family.