Don't ask me to point out your mistakes. If you're interested in changing, figure them out on your own.


I've been told that I behaved badly.

There isn't much money in this business.

Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.


Would you like me to proofread this?


Charlene worked as a babysitter when she was a teenager.

She seems to be interested in him.

The work was successful.

At which window can I make a reservation?

He was dismissed on the grounds that he was lazy.


Some creationists believe that Adam and Eve had no navels, and that the trees in the Garden of Eden had no growth rings.

Dominick appears OK.

What you see is what you want.


Would you play with me?


She will be happy to know you want to see her.

I have one sister.

It is characteristic of the fork ball, one of baseball's change-ups, that a ball that flew straight will drop suddenly just before the batter.

I used to live near a park.

To be successful, you have to establish a good plan.

Why haven't you talked to Sarah about this yet?

Sometimes students took textbooks in the library.


We should wait here.


She may well say so.

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Vice hit the ball so hard he split the bat.

I don't want to see that happen.

He'll be glad to see you.

If Congress ever ratifies that law, we are all doomed.

How am I close to you?


We'd better get a move on.

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He wanted to go to the beach.

I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?

I hate my friends!

I know nothing to the contrary.

This watch wants mending.

I can't help him with that.

I have plans with them tonight.


Everyone but Morris listened carefully.

Are they going to arrest us?

Have you taken your temperature?

It isn't them.

In December 1989, he sent troops to Panama.

Have you cut your hair?

Then, this child of fourteen years learned, as in a homework, that which we hide to maidens until their wedding night. She flipped through the drawings of the anatomy book, those superb drawings of a bloody reality. She paused upon each organ, understanding the most secret of them, those upon which is built the shame of men and women.

I have no clue what Sergeant is talking about.

I'll see her tomorrow.


They belong to an association.

When was the dictionary delivered to you?

That dog's bark wouldn't even scare off a baby.

I have a meeting to attend.

He probably got tired of waiting and fell asleep.

How did you know I was from Boston?

There's a problem with the printer, I'm gonna try and fix it.

You might want to read this while we're waiting.

There are enormous risks.

His death made me wonder.

I suggest you take a closer look at the contract.

Tomorrow I'll go to school. There's always plenty of time to go to school.

We're nowhere near ready.

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I didn't mean to make Sjaak cry.

There's no speed limit on the Autobahn in Germany.

She lifted her arms.

That's the woman I talked to you about last night.

Could you drop me off at the library?


I want hot water.

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Your dog seems to be very involved in the progress of that squirrel across the lawn. I hope she's not planning to attack it.

Grace hasn't being charged with anything.

Shari is probably pretty rich by now.

Your cough worries me.

We thought he was an American.

I find that difficult to believe.

She has a boyfriend she's been going out with since high school, but she feels their relationship has stagnated, so she's become dissatisfied.

What kind of questions do you want to ask?

I wish they would stop fighting.

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Her house is on the other side of the bridge.

Mr Miura brought an action of libel against a weekly magazine.

I'm glad you got to meet him.

Brent can't wait to meet Lorien.

Jeans take forever to dry.

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Elisabeth left because of you.

You've got that right.

At the moment the patient is out of danger.

I got married yesterday.

I have two cats.


I have to wake Trey up soon.


He clearly lied.

He's the real racist for saying that.

I still can't see why Mat would want to go.

She talked him into going to the concert.

The old man caught a big fish.

He didn't require to be told twice.

She's an important part of our family.

I feel nothing.

I want my key back.

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Liz heard a noise from upstairs.


We passed through Boston without stopping.


Number eight is "hachi" in Japanese, as it reminds one of "hatching from an egg."

The dark night of the soul is death in the midst of life.

Whoever goes to church believes in God.

My father died in Boston in 2013.

I'm still mad at you.

You need to make time.

The day is beautiful.

I need my pills.

Replace those books on the shelf when you're done with them.

We spent a lot of time together.

It's the first time I finish a book.


This truck puts salt on the road to melt the ice.

Amy said he didn't need any more time.

We don't want to do anything hasty.

I've made up my mind what I'm going to do; and no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I've spoken to her about it.

It was a nice feeling.

Don't lean against the wall.

They played games.

Peter likes to improvise on his guitar.

I'm going to need more help.

She left the table after dinner.

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The nights are getting longer now that it is autumn.

Steve is very methodical in the way he does his work.

I'll be happy to do it.


Different flowers represent different meanings.

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Acting on an anonymous tip, the police located and apprehended the suspect, who was subsequently convicted of manslaughter.


Dewey got out of bed and turned on the light.

Oh my God, you too???

The two teams fought very hard.

Between space and time.

People aren't always rational.

I'm safe.

Hang on just one moment.

How does it help you to brag that you are a free man? Don't you still have to pay taxes on time although they are revolting to you?

Could you dial up the operator for me?


I want to speak to them.

She insisted on us going.

Behave yourselves.


The storm has gradually abated.

I knew that would interest you.

Who invented the first automobile?

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I wonder if he's really sick.

This disturbs them.

We lack wings, but we still have enough strength to fall.

Donne has a nice voice.

She was never heard to speak ill of others.

How beautiful my sewn drapes are.

What does Irvin eat for breakfast?


Although she has many weaknesses, I trust her.

Let me say it once for all.

It's morning.

I'll have someone take you home.

We have to start somewhere.

She cherished the memory of her dead husband.

I was bitten by a lot of insects in the forest.

This is a story about love and friendship.

I think Raul is charming.

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They were very loud.

It's abnormal to have the heart on the right side.

In Wales we have a proverb.


Why are you so sure?

You're a trained professional.

I was just about to go to bed.


She perused a magazine while waiting for her date to show up.


I have no opponents.

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The students protested against the unfair exam.