We are are family of 4 from Brisbane that has just embarked on a epic road trip around Australia, well half of Australia.  In a nutshell – Brisbane to Carnarvon Gorge, birdsville for a beer, drive along a straight road to perth, up the coast to Darwin, into the middle to see the red rock, back into Queensland (Lawn Hill- Cairns – and down the coast to home).  A couple of days and we should be done 🙂 !!!!!!  We have 6 months to complete our journey and have planned to drop NSW, Vic and parts of Queensland off the itinerary as the plan is to see as much as we can that is the furthermost distance from home.

My aim with this website was to create an information hub whereby people can hopefully find some useful information.

This site contains information that I have found useful during the 18 months of planning for this trip. I also wanted to highlight some of the mistakes that have been made as yes there have been some and yes I did learn from them.

I hope you find some useful info here and I hope get some inspiration to travel around Australia

“Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once” – Lillian Dickson


“One Life One Chance”