What did you give me?


Did you ever hear of such a strange custom?

Steen threatened to kill me.

I got another job.


Damone was a bartender.

Has the sick child improved any?

I have taken my medication.

His latest musical pieces are just variants of his earlier work.

I had no sooner arrived in Kyoto than I fell ill.

The year after I graduated from college, I was finally able to find a job.

I feel sick when I get up in the morning.

The royal family lives in the Royal House.

Are you a dog guy or a cat guy?


Straka didn't look dangerous at all.

That's how it should be.

I do not know for certain what she is going to do.


The TV won't turn on.

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It's amazingly simple.

He is the boy of whom we spoke the other day.

There are many iguanas around the house.

I guess I misunderstood.

I want her in my office.

We should concentrate on one thing at a time.

He retired to his hometown, where he lived a quiet life.

I don't think I'll be able to convince Shakil.

Why doesn't the U.S. switch to the metric system?

I told Cristina he could be my assistant.

I want to buy this jacket.


I can see a pattern.

I love puzzles.

How long is the ticket good for?


Joyce is the only one who knows how to do that.

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Never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions you have no respect.


I told you to get a new one.


Watch Bert.

Eliot has no respect for authority.

Beauty without bounty avails naught.

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She lifted her arms.

Don't be hasty.

The heart must be in harmony and calm; only then does it find joy.

If I had to choose, I'd say Bayern Munich.

He pulled aside to let a truck pass.

Don't you drag me into this.

Perseverance is, among other things, necessary for success.

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I'm only going to ask you this one time, Norman.

I hope you enjoyed the party more than I did.

Everyone in the room was stunned by what happened.

Russ is inflating a balloon.

How about something to eat?

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Mrs. Baker had her purse stolen.


We're sorry about it.

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Finland is called "Suomi" in Finnish.

Where did you find my umbrella?

I hid the true amount I spent from him.


Come and have tea with me.

Young man, the secret of my success is that at an early age I discovered that I was not God.

War breaks out when nations try to form their own empires.


My uncle said that he jogs every morning.

It's either everything or nothing.

I was right all along.

Double, please.

The man was arrested by the police.


Is there a souvenir shop in the hotel?

Probate lawyers to the rescue!

I want to focus on the future.

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He took delight in teasing the kitten.

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If for some reason I failed, I'd try again.

We'll chance it.

Cats show emotional habits parallel to those of their owners.

Do you have this shirt in black?

I overheard their mockery.


He was poached by a rival company.


The soldiers cornered Lynn at the edge of a high cliff.

The old man knows that he will die soon.

I asked you for an explanation, but the one you gave me is unsatisfactory.

I don't like that he comes to me so often.

Let her know.

Jerome played a few tunes on the piano.

I think Glenn could do that.


Lincoln is admired because of his leadership.

I can't do this without him.

Naomi doesn't have what it takes to be a teacher.


How wonderful that bridge is!

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Dan sold drugs for a dangerous drug dealer.

Are you done with this?

Whenever I meet her, she smiles at me.


Ro has a hard time breathing.

Merril will turn up sooner or later.

I'm catching on.

Mah is going to want to talk to you about what happened yesterday.

Time withers the roses, but wears down the thorns.

How can we find them?

What did you buy for your boyfriend?

Life can be hard.

A couple of swallows are flying overhead.

I'll do it for a price.

We're neighbors.

My father's going to kill me.

When we were in high school, Kinch and I used to hang out a lot together.


There is no doubt.

Wearing a suit doesn't turn you into a mature, responsible member of society.

Is it at this time you're playing music? It's too late! Think of the neighbours!

I told him I'd be right back.

Of course, I didn't tell Gilles.

Cyrus went down the river in a canoe.

Why don't you ask him for help?

No one dares to contradict his employer for fear of being fired.

The population of Japan is less than America.

Do you know whose dog this is?

I don't know what you want from me.

I just want to support you.

Lindsay stayed home from work because he was sick.


Is the museum of art around here?

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There is no use talking to her.

Which beautician would you like?

How can I forget those days?


This is the hotel at which we stayed at that time.

I gave him some money.

What do you have to complain about?


Mat's friends called him Mr. Money Bags.

I really want another chance.

Chuck says he's not ready to go.

Young people are organizing in meetings.

I'm going to go tell him.

He raised a question.

I don't care how poor you are. I want to marry you anyway.

I can't understand him.

Are you two not getting along?


Sometimes I go by bus and sometimes by car.

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I need a laptop for school. I do not want anything else, just a computer.

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Ted was sitting on the floor.

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Ramadoss doesn't know whether Malloy will come by car or by bicycle.

She succeeded as a singer and became famous.

Marian took off his watch and put it on the table.

Now you must answer some big questions.

I don't mind the heat.


I'm just as mystified as you are.


The injured bird fell to the ground.

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Naim seems very busy.

"Popov is a traitor?" "Yes. We're to beat the shit outta him!" "How?" "Hell knows."

I found the Japanese sentence weird, but since it was written by a native, I thought that it was probably correct.

Holy bag of straw!

It was Marshall who hit me.


I didn't see that.

He's old enough to be her grandfather.

That store sells a lot of imported goods.


It was unseasonably hot in Boston the last time I was there.


He wore a dark sweater.


I'm sure Roman will make you proud.

You were Chet's accomplice, weren't you?

This was the last conversation I had with my mother about Terry Tate.

People who are not in a hurry stand on the right side of the escalator.

My secretary is the sweetest person in the whole office.

I'm a pretty good handyman.

I am not nice, I am merciful.


Don't tell them I said that.