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Hello Friends! We just got back from our 12 day Hawaiian Vacation! Nothing beats a tropical vacation with family. Pure Paradise! This was Mia’s 2nd birthday celebration, we skipped a children’s party this year. We had a little brunch celebration with my In-laws the day before we left though . She got lots of birthday gifts from our Hawaii family too. Thanks to our families for their generosity. I’m so proud of my MiaBoo for being a good girl on our 6 hour flight (Seattle to Honolulu). A couple of passengers on the flight mentioned it too. Way to go Boo:)

Thanks to our Hawaii family, especially my Sis and Bro In-law for taking the time to be with us. Lots of beach time and food tripping! I will surely post more of it in the coming days. For now, I hope you enjoy some of the pics that Hubs took! He got a new phone so he’s been playing with his new gadget. Off to do some laundry folks! HA! Have a great weekend:)

Thank you Boo for being a good traveler!
Hello Sunshine!
Lunch at Shirokiya Japan Village walk!
Thanks Uncle Chad for this dessert!

Gotta have Giovannis!

Turtle Beach!

The best shaved ice in HI!
Dinner at Side street with our Hawaii Family!

Give me all the Poke! Fresh Catch has the best Poke selection.
Halona Blowhole!

Hawaiian Sunset! 

With the whole gang! Dinner at Roy’s Hawaii (last night before everybody leaves)

Happy First Day of Fall!

Hello Friends! Happy First Day of Fall! It’s finally fall here in Washington State, raining the whole day and some of the leaves are changing color. I’m looking forward to it actually because I like the coziness of the season. I’m a homebody, fall season is the perfect time to be home! I plan to make lots of soups this season. I made a list of the hallmark movies I’m going to watch, and goodies I want my husband to bake! HA..my hubs is the baker in the family 🙂 He usually will make the recipes I find! Thanks, Ga:)

We’ve been a little busy these past weeks.  Riley had a surgery because a mole on his leg was getting bigger. We decided to just remove it.  His vet ended up removing 4 moles. He’s recovering really well! Thank You Lord. I hate it when he’s not comfortable.

We attended a family friend’s birthday party. It’s always fun to be with friends! Hubs and I watched my favorite Christian Artists, Lauren Daigle and Zach Williams! Love them! Their music really speaks to me:)

I started car shopping because I want to upgrade my car.  We plan to buy probably next year (we will be  paying cash,we sort of follow Dave Ramsey’s baby steps! #debtfreeliving).

I started MOPS at my church this week. Looking forward to being with other mommies in our community:)

Happy Birthday David!
Homemade Ramen!
Dehydrating my tomatoes!

Car shopping!
Hubs cooking our Sunday brunch! Mia wanted him to wear his Mickey hat! He can’t say NO to her!
Thanks Ga!

sushi date with hubs!
Fave fall candle and coffee!
Lemon ricotta cake that Hubs baked!YUM!
Mums to welcome fall! Excuse the dirt, it was too cold for me to be cleaning outside!HA
Dinner earlier, she had fun eating ketchup!HA

I hope you will have a wonderful Fall season friends! Blessings to you and your family always:)


Hello Friends! Summer is over (sort of) they say after Labor day weekend (unofficially). I’ve been seeing lots of fall decorations all over the place and I already enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte. I’m not a big fan of it…but the hubs loves a white chocolate mocha with a pump of pumpkin spice added!  It has been such a joy watching our little Mia-boo grow up.  She has taken a liking to water, like most kids.  It has been hard to keep her out of her little kiddie pool.  Perhaps she’ll even be ready for some swimming lessons next year!  I was just commenting to the hubs how early it’s getting dark again….so sad!  I hope you all had an amazing summer….here comes the fall…..kids are already back to school (at least where the teachers aren’t striking ;)…before you know it we’ll be welcoming the trick-o-treaters 😉

My fave summer salad: greens,candies pecans,blue cheese,strawberry

Hubs smoking some ribs!

Working on pulled pork

Pulled pork tacos!
Cherry tomatoes!
Harvest time!

Celebrating our community!

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Hello Friends! We had a little road trip we took this past weekend at Desert Aire, WA! It’s a 2 hour drive from our place. It’s a small town  with a pretty view of the mountains and the Columbia River. We had fun together with our friends swimming, playing card games and just hanging out/catching up. Mia loved their community pool because they have a kids section that’s just perfect for her size! Thanks to Auntie Juju for taking care of Riley and the house this weekend:)

As usual we over packed again!

somebody got bored!HA her face:)
Mirror to the rescue!

Photo credit: our friend Lena! Thanks Lena:)

saturday morning breakfast!

Blueberry Picking!

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I wanted to share something we did last week, blueberry picking! Aunt Candy (Hub’s Auntie) invited us along with her friends to do some blueberry picking. She’s been doing it for many years now and thought that little Mia might enjoy doing this. We all did! It’s my first time to do this (I’ve done apple picking before) and I had so much fun. Mia enjoyed it at first (picking and eating) but after 30 minutes she went back to her stroller and rested! HA! We picked 16 lbs. and already shared some with family and have the rest in the freezer for future use (we will use it for smoothies, pies,pancakes). Aunt Candy was nice enough to prepare lunch too, we had sandwiches and fruits! Can’t wait to do this again next year!

Picking berries is so tiring!


Hello Friends! How was your weekend?  The Hubs and I watched the movie Mission Impossible last Friday night (a very rare event since we had Mia) my In laws watched her. So nice to watch and had a dinner with the hubs! What an action packed movie!

The Blue Angels performed in Seattle this weekend. We’ve watched them before and it’s really fun, would be great to have Mia watch them perform but I think she’s too young for that right now. We saw a couple of them though while we were in the mall parking lot. We wanted to bring Mia in the mall and let her play in one of the bouncy / play area kiddie place but she fell asleep in the car on the way to the place! HA! We ended up eating in the car so as not to disturb her.

My drink while watching Mission Impossible!
Blue Angels!
Poke bowl!
Mia got a new toy! A little grocery cart!She is so loving it!

Saturday evening, we had to bring Riley to the vet. His allergies are back with a vengeance! He’s OK now but we have to give him ear drops for 2 weeks. This has always been an issue for him. Mia wants to be there for her fur brother, Riley! They’re frenemies!

She loves giving kisses to Riley!

We had brunch with my In laws after church! I had Salmon Lox Benedict! YUM!

My Hubs cleaned the yard and cleaned Mia’s kiddie pool! Thanks Ga! You’re such a good daddy:)

Hubs little harvest!

Have a great week friends!


Hello Friends! How’s your summer going? We’ve had a busy weekend with family and friends! We got to enjoy our friend’s beautiful backyard, had s’mores and other yummy summer food! We don’t get to hang out often but it’s always a blast every time we get together. We also celebrated my Sis In law’s birthday and Mia had fun with every body. She particularly loved visiting Aunt Candy’s (our host) garden.  She loved picking her raspberries! So much fun to watch her do things for the first time.

Happy Birthday Auntie Juju!

Our local Park had a kids festival and we checked it out too. Lots of activities like a petting zoo, food trucks, live bands! We stayed at the beach and let Mia hang out in the water for a while! She seems to enjoy watching the ducks. We’ll have to go back sometime and swim and have barbecue.

Another hot summer day here friends, have a good day!


Hello friends! It’s officially summer here in the PNW. It’s been hot outside and as much as I enjoy this weather, I don’t want to stay outside for a long time. It’s so nice to have an AC, one of the best decisions my hubs and I made regarding our house. We have been doing a lot of house updates these last couple of weeks.  We had our house and fence painted and we really like the colors. The painters are done now (thank God!) Riley’s been barking nonstop at them. He’s so territorial. Very protective of us. Love our Riley!

My Hubs got a Traeger Smoker and he made beef brisket for our 4th of July celebration. He spent so much time on that thing, and I’m glad it turned out so well. I hate to see him disappointed when he puts so much effort and time into a slab of meat!HA..

Our 4th of July family pic!
My In laws celebrated with us!

Our little Boo is spending a lot of time in her kiddie pool! She loves to splash and chilax in there! Her Grandma watches her every Wednesday and they go to McDonalds because she really likes their play area!

making sure she got enough sunblock!HAHA

Playtime with Grandma!

Parktime !

Have a great summer friends!


Hello Friends! We went to the farmers market this past weekend! I really wanted to get their raspberries.  The best ones I’ve had were in our farmers market last year, so I have to check again this year. We stopped at Costco after because they’re just in the same area. We got a whole prime brisket for the 4th of July tomorrow. Hubs will prepare it! Looking forward to tomorrow:)

We also celebrated Riley’s 8th birthday! We got him dog treats and gave him a scoop of ice cream! He loved it. We ended up having sushi for dinner. Happy Birthday Rat, you’re the best fur baby! Love you so much:)

Excuse the dirty refrigerator! I’ve already cleaned the mess!
We got this at the farmers market,and it is so good on our toast!
We love sushi! If it wasn’t so expensive we really would have it once a week! HA
Mia enjoyed Mcdonald’s play area!
Happy Birthday Riley!

It’s going to be a sunny day here and we plan to be outside and have Mia play in her kiddie pool! Have a great day friends!


Hello Friends! It’s officially the 1st day of summer here in the U.S! It’s actually gloomy here in Pacific Northwest today. We’ve been having summer like weather these last couple of days and I’m kinda glad to have a break right now. We are having so much fun in our community pool.  We got a 3 months pass so hopefully we will really take advantage of that! HA! So far we’ve been to the pool twice now and Mia really loves being in the water. The hubs got her a kiddie pool also that she’s been using everyday since we got it. Our yard is crazy right now, we don’t have a lot of space so it’s tight with our patio table plus Mia’s kiddie pool.

We’ve been going to the park too, and visited a newly opened burger place in our neighborhood twice in a week! When it’s really hot in the kitchen, I tend to get lazy and convince the Hubs to just eat out! It’s in the budget so no guilt at all. 🙂

Park time with Boo
Our fave summer fruit! Juicy and sweet!
Habit Burger Grill!

Pool Time with Daddy!
Chipotle after swimming!
Community Pool
Daddy setting up the kiddie pool!

Pool time again with Daddy!
Best friends!
Lots of nap time coz SUMMER!

Have a great summer friends! Blessing to you and your family:)