It’s All About
Getting Paid.

TriumphPay is the logistics industry’s ultimate payment processing tool that allows brokers to outsource their payments, increase their revenue and retain their top drivers.


Supply Chain Finance


TriumphPay simplifies load payment processing so you can be free from the complexities and frustrations you encounter just to run your business.

Make high processing costs, factor fatigue, and truck capacity limitations a thing of the past.

Reverse Factoring
Free yourself from factor fatigue

How many calls per week does your company receive... checking for advances, delivery verification, collections, payment application?

Supplier Finance
Liberate your staff

How many different ways do you currently pay carriers — even those that only haul one or two loads?

Broker your own cash flow

Now you can fund carrier Quick-Pay with no out-of-pocket cash requirements—just share in the revenue.

financial supply chain
Attract and retain best carriers
no matter where they are

Offer multiple Quick-Pay options—with 100% advance rates at a fraction of the cost of traditional factoring.

supply chain finance solutions
Run your business your way

Approve Quick-Pay by load or by carrier Seamlessly integrates with your TMS ir accounting systems to designate your payment preferences.

supply chain financing
Get the credit you deserve

Over 82 million loads are posted on DAT freight matching services each year, but only TriumphPay loads are highlighted for immediate payment.

Why Freight Brokers Love TriumphPay

Omar Singh, President of Surge Transportation, has trusted TriumphPay to make his carrier payments for almost a year. His takeaways:

  • Frees up his team’s time to focus on building brand and business
  • Carriers get paid how they want, when they want
  • Increased credibility in the industry

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