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Herve is busy right now and he can't help you.


How many cows are there on this farm?

Are you spying on me?

Kevan took the calendar off the wall.

I am in this restaurant.

I love your daughter.

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Extracts from the sample we took earlier have revealed a great marvel.

Judy spends a lot of time looking in the mirror.

When children play Go, they use a board with 5x5 or 7x7 lines.

Did you shoot her?

We're doing what we have to do.


I have something I want to tell Marian.


I can feel it.

She wants an iPad 4.

Stop them.

There is an antidote.

This was your big chance, Ravindran, and you blew it.

There is an urgent need for qualified teachers.

I've been charged with a murder.


I'm just trying to get Scot's attention.

We played on the banks of the Thames.

He tried to make both ends meet.

The volcano has erupted twice this year.

I saw her at the party.

Have you been to the Australian embassy website?

My mother bought me a nice dress last Sunday.

He drinks himself unconscious every night.

The recent coffee shortage brought about many problems.

This system has a built-in protection circuit.

Tigger doesn't know exactly how to explain it.

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Several bridges have been damaged or swept away.

Donald wants you dead.

Let him stay home if he wants!

She has made great progress recently.

Whatever you wish on others, it will come to you as well.

Music is a language understood by all humans.

I had a flu shot.

She has a screw loose.

John doesn't know what to do next.

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Promoting Mandarin Chinese is China's national plan.

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Do you have a meeting scheduled?

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Dale likes Hiroyuki, and so do I.


The Tokyo stock market recorded an unprecedented loss.

A Mr. Jones came while you were out.

Hector showed Alberto's letter to me.

Be cool.

Bees feed on nectar.

She opened the window, though I told her not to.

This phenomenon creates homophones in spoken language.

Funtensee is known as the coldest place in Germany.

I've never met a musician that I didn't like.

They restrained her.

Very good. How are you?

Studies say that true happiness comes from giving back, not from material things.

Mick killed time by reading a magazine while waiting for his date.


We are a family.

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Conrad went to Boston with Ernest.

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Sharon is the only person I've ever really hated.

Laurence got drunk and drowned his sorrows in that one night of intemperance.

It was an evil bunny.

Tell her that I am dyeing my hair.

Matthieu said he didn't want to live in Boston anymore.


I don't sound like that.

He didn't look pleased.

The bride is American with Polish origins.

Don't tell her why.

"Let's go together to the forest," the wolf said to the lamb. - "Ok, Uncle Wolf," the lamb replied.

Pierre is eating fondue.

I went to the hospital yesterday.


It was an old man that was hit by the black car.

I can think of more interesting places to visit than Boston.

We're just getting ready to do that.

My car's in the garage.

I'll be back in my office.


It can cause kidney failure.


Deirdre shared a large number of ideas with the committee.

Laura will take care of us.

Why is it so important?

As our fingers touched, I felt a shiver run through me.

You have to follow the rules.

Give him a minute.

Have him come see me.


Someone among them wants to hug you.

A young dog is called a "puppy."

I spent an idle week there.


I fried the fish after marinating it.

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Vladislav knows exactly what he's talking about.

Bill, have you taken Spot for a walk yet?

Do you have anything to write with in there?


It looks like it's going to rain tomorrow.

I'm already back in Boston.

This desk, which I bought yesterday, is very big.

I wish everybody would just relax.

Tell them to stay put for now.


Then what's your problem?

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Your daughters are beautiful.

Parcels are handled at the next window.

Dean never told me how successful you were.


You should go in person.

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We have made friends with Panacea.

I walk to school.

A lot of the stars in the night sky have planets orbiting them.


So, will you do it?

If it were to rain tomorrow, the match would be postponed.

Were you home last night?

She is fair, fat and forty.

I brought you red roses.

It never occurred to me that I might get arrested.

You've had all week to study.

He lives in a suburb of London.

Young as she was, she devotedly attended on her sick grandmother.


These disappearances are probably murders.

You must tell Lum the truth.

I have to get this finished by 2:30.


Ram didn't keep his promise to help Shutoku.

Let me know as soon as you're ready.

Let me see your ticket.

Brandy wasn't babbling.

I've not seen him often at school.

He put his hands on my shoulders.

My hobby is shopping.

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Global warming, the term is so outdated, it's called climate change now.

It rained for three days in a row.

I was beautiful.


Open this, will you?


The submarine submerged in the water.

The pillar tilted to the right and fell.

Ricky will be thirty this year.

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You've been warned.

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Nobody will recognize you.

Patricio loves going out.

The developers quickly fixed the bug.

Let's move it.

We are firmly confident of victory.

How many flights to New York do you offer a week?

Would you like to run your own business?

Please begin immediately.

This wouldn't be about Pierre, would it?


Don't you have a speech to make?

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What is it now, Don?

She returned quickly.

Hui is a graduate of Harvard.

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They kissed under the moonlight.

You've got a big mouth.

My father is arriving at the station at five.


"My wonderful wife is so stingy that ..." "You boasting? Or complaining?"


I never wanted to deceive you.

This watch was your grandfather's.

Tareq felt an urge to kiss Gypsy.

Bobby doesn't want any coffee.

Who have you helped recently?

Susumu knew what he was doing.

How often do you wash your clothes?

In 1903, the Wright Brothers flew, The Flyer, with a 12 horse power gas powered engine.

Knowing that you're doing fine over there, I'm really pleased for you.

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Currently I am putting effort into expanding my vocabulary.

I didn't like those choices.

Grace didn't know that song.

Find me a good book from the library.

We're an hour behind.