Jerome wasn't wearing a lifejacket.

If I remember correctly, Terrence sold his car to Janice for just 500 dollars.

Can I see you inside, please?

Rabbit droppings are not raisins. I suppose you knew that.


Our best thoughts come from others.

Tanya didn't know how he should answer.

We won't need these.


Where have all these people come from?

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I'll try not to disappoint you next time.

The dispute affected relations between management and workers.

The letter made her sad.

Malloy looked anxiously at Susanne.

Stop pretending you don't know the answer.

We bagged a wild bird.

The paper is white.


The sacred ceremony was held in the magnificent temple.

This photo was taken in Nara.

People should sleep at least 7 hours each night.

The Internet is limitless.

He is no more able to read Chinese than I am.

Britain's currency crisis has turned into a political one over government failure to stop the pound from going into free-fall.

Tigger was very sad.

Triantaphyllos is quite clearly out of danger.

Is Patty with you?

I wasn't here a moment ago.

You've definitely gotten stronger.

Can I stop over in Boston?

How much time do you spend shaving every day?


I'll get you some wine.

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You should behave carefully.

We've endured three wars.

Lars can speak French better than I can.


Pandora isn't going to visit you tomorrow.

What's your goal here?

Who else is out there?

The Chunnel was closed due to severe weather conditions.

Micah certainly doesn't speak for all of us.

Should we start the meeting now?

A number of friends saw him off.

Everybody showed sympathy toward the prisoner.

I've read both books.

The cause of the fire is yet unknown.

Send it to me when you have time.

Having a few extra batteries handy is never a bad idea.

Ecstasy is the upper system's drug.

Herb apparently likes Lorien a lot.

Put your plan into practice as soon as possible.

Astronomy is by no means a new science.

We can build speakers to order.

He closed his mouth for a moment.

How did you know where I live?

I don't know what I can do to help.

She banged the table with her fist.


I'm not used to writing a business letter, yet.

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Once he got a taste, you couldn't keep him away from it.

He took this picture.

I'm not afraid to fight.

We'll do what we always do.

The ice contains bubbles of the air from each year. Scientists analyze the bubbles in each layer to see how much CO2 they contain.

Tiefenthal had almost forgotten all about what had happened.

Someone is going to have an awesome childhood.

I just need you to help me.

Dan tried to persuade Linda to steal the money.

Could you talk to Ram?

He makes it a rule to drink a glass of water before breakfast.

Let's find him.

At seventy, my father is still very active.

Where's everyone?

I didn't mean to offend you.


I wonder how long this milk has been in the fridge.


Where should these documents be submitted?

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The newspapers gave a lot of space to the affair.


He sleeps so well because he's loved.


The weather was beautiful and we stayed on the beach all day.


The job would be difficult.

Stanley sat down on one of the barstools.

I said it by way of a joke.

Stu doesn't speak French well.

Turn right at the crossroad.

The soldiers on the boats would be easy targets.

Without you, I'm nothing.

A lot of troubles preyed upon his mind.

I cry almost every day.

I lived in Japan three years ago.

I want to become a French teacher.

I was really concerned.

They carried on with the plan in spite of strong objections to it.

I rarely walk to work.

Don't you understand what's going on here?

Is Arne going, too?

Ten minutes' walk brought us to the bus stop.

No matter how many flowers you give me, I won't go out with you.

I'll be finished here in an hour.

These pants are dirty.

Turn on the radio, please.


The snowplow cleared the snow from the street.


The communists called each other "comrades".

It would be nice to tell her.

We could help each other.


Opportunity waits for no one.

I know what's about to happen.

Tanaka closed his eyes and began to count sheep.

Stewart honked his horn at the kids playing in the street.

I am 18 years old.


Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you what you are.

I can't believe I listened to you.

Can you get permission?


Kristian has been lying for days.


She is lying about her age.

Why don't you hang out with Hon?

A litter of pigs can have as many as thirteen piglets.

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I withdrew my application.

Have you actually ever tried Thai food?

No one helped this desire of mine; everyone was against it.

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We could see the reflection of the mountains in the lake.

Now is the time for action.

I want to see exactly what's happening.

It was very hard to say that.

What do you call this in French?

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He smiles kindly at me.

Like a typical vertebrate the human has two pairs of limbs.

I'm really worried about my child.

Is it true that Jinchao witnessed a murder?

You must not lose sight of your goal in life.

They're almost on top of us.

He is very sensitive.

You know I don't have a car.

You were charming.

I hardly see you anymore.

Christophe was trying not to laugh.

Bret won't be able to handle this alone.

He knows that his critics are waiting to pounce on any slip that he makes.

Paul gets a lot of help from his friends.

Shuvra hired himself an assistant.

We needed a win.

Neither do I!

The sun had barely risen at the foot of the mountain when she set out alone up the slope.

He resigned from the post.

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Mark had never acted on the stage and he was ill at ease.


Was this Calvin's plan all along?

Take my picture.

That's indeed curious.

This would never happen in Boston.

Don't confuse sugar with salt.

You shall not marry my daughter!

I'm glad we already have so much in common.

Mysore got lost in the woods and ended up in someone's backyard.

Let's cross here.

You can go to the theatre, the cinema, or the swimming pool.

You're forgetting them.

She went out to get something.

Maybe it's his age but his opinions seem a little more grounded in experience than everyone else's.

"Hey, everyone! I'm back!" "My boy, you're late. I hope you have an explanation." "Yeah, traffic was bad up from here to Koridai."

Someone is lying.

The cat sunned itself.

Margot just never should've been there.

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Are you in?


Like my new beach shorts?

I think you owe her an explanation.

Just my old standby: lemon chicken.

Darrell is completely bald.

In short, all died out.

I haven't unpacked my clothes yet.

Where can I find an ATM?

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The coach's advice saved us.

Let's take a break, shall we?

Why are you telling us this?

He is the more able of the two boys.

Jeany is having a hard time losing weight.

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Joubert's apartment is on the third floor.