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Pay-what-you-can tutoring.  At Accessible Tutors, we pair high achieving high schoolers with middle schoolers for after-school tutoring and make our service available to all.  Tutors serve as role models, teachers, and guides for students’ academic careers.  By enrolling your child in our program, you are putting your child (and possibly another child) on the road to success.

Our mission is to combat the achievement gap at a pivotal time in a student’s life: middle school (although we also provide tutoring to other ages).  Unequal access to after school supports like tutoring is a strong contributor to the achievement gap:  Accessible Tutors works on a pay-what-you-can pricing model, making the same great tutoring equally available.  Furthermore, tutors are need-blind.  Our tutors are paid the same flat rate regardless of what the person they are working with paid.

Montclair is a robustly diverse town: we boast racial diversity well above the national average, a large range of socioeconomic conditions, and equal opportunity for all of the residents of our great town.  However, along with the diverging backgrounds of our residents, we are seeing diverging achievement within our schools based on race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Accessible Tutors brings our community together by giving those who can the ability to help others, by giving high schoolers work and mentorship opportunities, and by providing an invaluable service to all.

Accessible Tutors is a program of HackNCraftNJ, an existing nonprofit in town. We launched in November of 2016.  Read our end of school year 2016-2017 report here: ATEndofYearReport

FAst Facts
707 Hours of tutoring provided
161 Hours provided at $15 or less (23%)
288 Hours provided at or about $20 (41%)
258 Hours provided at $25 or above (36%)
43 Jobs created for high school students
61 Students’ tutoring needs met
$21.84 = Average Payment/Session
$20.84=Average Revenue/Session*
*Each session costs about $1 in payment processing from parents to us and from us to tutors
Updated 2/7/18
“I am so grateful my son has this opportunity.
It has lightened the load tremendously on his ability to handle all the homework and assignments he has on a weekly basis (with his given diagnosis and the limited support he receives from school). He loves working with Ella and looks forward to his tutoring every week.”
–Angely F, Accessible Tutors Parent


“Antonio has been struggling in his algebra class and was having a lot of anxiety about even having a tutor. He’d gotten to the point that he thought he just couldn’t get it.   Dean put Antonio at ease and helped him understand concepts.  Antonio told me that he really likes Dean and that he really liked the tutoring itself – something I never thought I’d hear.”
–Kerry G, Accessible Tutors Parent


“We are thrilled with this program, and feel so lucky to have found it.   One email to the program leader and a week later my son was meeting with a qualified and  ‘relatable peer like’ tutor that he felt comfortable with.    After one session our son said “I really got a lot out of that, thanks Mom.”    Josh, our tutor, impressed me from the start with his communication skills in setting up meeting and meeting location.   Josh has been responsible and clearly knows his math!  After two sessions our son felt comfortable going into his algebra test, and we just learned he received an A on this latest test.   THANK YOU!”
–Elizabeth D, Accessible Tutors Parent