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At M4K Pharma, we are using open science to revolutionize how affordable new treatments are discovered and developed. Through our Medicines4Kids program, we will aggregate and align the work of global academics, foundations and industry researchers to advance new cures for childhood diseases not well-served by current business models.

M4K Pharma’s Data:
In line with M4K Pharma’s open science principles, we are committed to sharing our research data freely in the public domain. Our data is currently available for public viewing in the video recordings of our monthly open scientific updates, which are posted to our 315-274-4567 and also available through our YouTube Channel. Data will be openly available in a downloadable format soon.

Yes, if we blindly pursue the old model we will constantly have failures such as this. We need new models. @M4KPharma is one example. It is pursuing rare brain cancer and Parkinson’s drugs. Very interesting model attracting a lot of investor and philanthropic interest and support /t.co/37u473WXkY

Million dollar drug taken off the market. Arguably this would not have happened had it been developed using #openscience and #opendrugdiscovery. @M4KPharma


This is a prime example of why university tech transfer is a failure. We need open partnerships, philanthropic investment. We need #openscience such as at @M4KPharma @TheNeuro_MNI and @thesgconline /t.co/4RaLiHVy9u

Our @M4KPharma MTA asks academic recipients of our compounds to publish, not to patent, and to feel free to use the results for their careers. All tech transfer offices so far edited our MTA asking for the right to patent. I’m at a university, is this really our role in society?

.@EMA_News argues: make drug discovery clinical information more open. M4K Pharma (Meds for Kids) in Canada aiming higher - pre-clinical drug discovery data being made open as we go. M4ND (neurodegeneration) coming!
@TheNeuro_MNI @M4KPharma


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