Product introduction

HOFACHAT is the world's first instant-messaging software based on blockchain technology,The security, encryption and borderless features of blockchain make HOFACHAT an instant messenger and a new digital payment leader.

As soon as the concept of HOFACHAT was launched, it was well accepted by all kinds of people. The number of downloads is rising rapidly.

HOFACHAT expects over 20 million downloads in one year!


Product function

Product Features

Hofachat perfectly integrates social networking, shopping mall, Internet and blockchain. With the global payment function of digital currency, it will be promoted globally!

HOFACHAT realizes a series of life services, such as takeaway service, taxi service, air ticket booking, hotel booking, etc.

Self-entrepreneurship, open shop to sell goods, to promote in global market. Video live broadcast provide platform for talented people,also get reward from the audience, and realize self-worth.

No wallet needed when you go out.Mobile payments make life easier

Based on the ethereum wallet technology, the unique decentralized distributed technology and highly secure encryption services ensure free global chat, consumption and digital currency transfer.

Based on the development of blockchain technology, Hofachat fully guarantees the security of users' funds, HOFA is committed to becoming the creator of human financial freedom.

HOFA can exchange with mainstream digital currencies on international trading platforms, and HOFA will provide media for quality crowdfunding projects

Blockchain giants, digital currency leaders, quality "self-media" and coins cycle news,all implement the rigor and authenticity of speech promotion for real-name authentication. Through the Internet big data and the blockchain consensus mechanism, we can assess credit rating for each user, open the "self-media" channel, and allow users to create their own "self- media" platform.

HOFACHAT, an intelligent blockchain ecological platform based on social networking, cored on finance and sharing economy, is a one-stop service complex that perfectly integrates social, commercial and blockchain.

HOFA Product Screenshots

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