Jim hugged Edwin tightly and never wanted to let her go.

Where was Jarvis when we needed him?

I don't quite follow.

I was expecting a tougher game.


He wore glasses.


It would be best if you stopped smoking.


I don't think Marek really meant what he said.


The songs are for the folk a long way from its home.


Vicky's clothes make him stand out in a crowd.


You bit off more than you could chew.

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This woman is haunted by a spirit.

You seem tired. You should go to bed.

She concealed the change in her feelings toward him.

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It was a blow to my pride.


The hospital is not crowded.

Victoria used to be skinny.

How many patients do we have on life support?

Could you initial here?

I'm a good Christian.

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Let's forget to study and enjoy ourselves tonight.


Obviously, there was a problem of some sort.

Begin with such books as you can easily understand.

The services took place at the cemetery.

The sky grew darker and darker, and the wind blew harder and harder.

You're upsetting them.

My mother's going to kill me.

Can I leave my bag here?

I guessed.

Sorrel is ninth at the moment.

The scholar is an authority on fiscal policy.

The continent is pretty sick of this British whining about anything and everything.

Donations are voluntary.

Neil was very jealous.

I'd better talk to them.

I want Jerome to have fun.

He will make a business trip to London next week.

Pierre knows many French songs.

Eva was practically drooling over her.

Pascal weighed himself.

Ofer denied that claim.

I saw Kazuhiro just a few hours ago.

Take an egg from the fridge.

The more she talked, the more bored I got.

You'll have to go back to jail for your previous crimes.

Since you made a mistake in your project, you have to start over from scratch.

The damage from the flood was negligible.

The king's mother is dead.

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Interpreters mediate between different cultures.

The press ban on the case was removed yesterday.

She turned up just as we were starting our meal.

We thought you had decided to stay.

I don't understand them.

Reality and fantasy are hard to distinguish.

See you at the party.


The vegetable garden looked bedraggled after being hit by an early frost.


I would have liked that Dawn succeeded.

Stay calm. You'll have your reward tomorrow.

His life was in danger.


You should've taken it.


I guess you didn't quite understand me.

I paid for the purchase in cash.

They've had plenty of time.

How come you are here?

I remember when we used to never eat vegetables that we didn't grow ourselves.


His dress is that of a gentleman but his speech and behavior are those of a clown.


He was removed from his post because he was idle.


Sanand was fined $300.

What are you doing on your night off?

She told him a joke, but he didn't think it was funny.

As is the case with him, he reported the event.

I wish we could do this more often.


I'm sure he'll pass the coming exam.

I would tend to disagree.

Wolfgang is a very classy guy.

Have you been having problems with your email?

I don't work for you anymore.

Suzanne began to pour wine into the glasses.

You are in need of a holiday.

Walt got into the car and slammed the door.

My grandfather had completed the wood work and my grandmother finished the piece with paint.

We need an expert mechanic for this job.

I fully agree with his text.

I'm going back to work.

Are you pleased with your new house?

Sleep is more pleasant than death. At least, there's not much difference.

There are many urgent things to do.


But I don't think Dad would like me to.

We all escaped without injury.

What a nuisance for you, having to make all these changes.

They're like prostitutes.

Perhaps you'd better leave.

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Guido doesn't sleep as much as he used to.


You're impatient, aren't you?


Their flag is blue and gold.

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I am standing in the middle of the schoolyard.

There won't be so many people there.

Can you get this, man?

They can understand me.

My father doesn't waste his time.

The destination is Blackpool.

I would like to go to a business school.


It's a marvelous thing to do a play with you.

Please let go.

I was waiting for someone to say that.

Rich has a short fuse.

I thought I'd have another drink.

I wear a sad look.

John was too surprised to say anything.

I remember all that.

Who else is going to be on the show?

Stay calm and do your best.

He's very intelligent.

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I'll dance with him.

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This is the love that esteems others better than oneself.

I wouldn't like to be in his position, for all his wealth.

Where are the diamonds?

I want to build a house here.

He did not appear at all, which made her very uneasy.

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How many statues are there in this temple?


I don't want to get married, but I want to have kids.

I just don't understand.

His bread is buttered on both sides.


How would you describe them?

Don't let Edward go outside today.

Are you going to go with me?


She is extremely vulgar in her speech.


He can speak some Spanish, much more English.

He advocated abolishing the death penalty.

Byron knew that he was dying.

Which do you like more, watching television or riding your bike?

I need to know everything Noemi has done.

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What did you buy from us?

There stood a little boy, almost naked; the water trickled down from his long flaxen hair; he was shivering with cold, and had he been left much longer out in the street, he would certainly have perished in the storm.

Try to get a good night's sleep.

I didn't think you were needed.

Takayuki says he found it on the bench.


It'd be best if you gave me back my knife.

I know you're just trying to help, and I appreciate that.

They're all dead! All dead! All dead!

The greatest difficulty of all is the unwillingness.

No, he has gone out for lunch already.


Barton looks dismayed.

I'm not a good fit for this neighborhood.

There are daisies next to the steel building.


This is the watch that I'd lost.

Tommy only reads paperback novels.

Oh please, believe me.

This should be sufficient.

It's a great honor to know her.

The oligarchic character of the modern English commonwealth does not rest, like many oligarchies, on the cruelty of the rich to the poor. It does not even rest on the kindness of the rich to the poor. It rests on the perennial and unfailing kindness of the poor to the rich.

Why was he laughing?

What a sad story this is!

Louis got away.

I haven't heard from Bjorne.

I suppose you think I'm rich.

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Roberta is much shorter than Jerome.

She looked ghostly.

Stephe was excited about something.

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Tommy is pretty decent.

There's a logical answer to every problem.

Where do you want to go? Anywhere.